The more I read and try to teach myself about growing heirlooms vegetables and eating ecologically grown food. I came across discussions about TTIP.  It only reinforces my resolve to protest the Trade agreement (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), which  negotiations are cloaked in secrecy between Multinational company’s lobbyist,  the USA and EU. It was only thanks to Wikileaks that this information was disclosed. Only 3 government officials from each EU country are allowed to partake in this discussions. These negotiations are not allowed to be discussed with no one else in the government. There is no limit to how many lobbyist that can take part.

Wikileaks released how  large Multi-International companies are wanting the right to sue governments with in the EU to force them to accept GMO’s and so much more. I have watched this morning the Canadian documentary from 2003 called,  “The Corporation”.. It shows how Corporations control us through PR campaigns and their dominance over governments.

They have begun criminalizing seed saving. Those native farmers would have heirloom seeds. That were destroyed forever. Read the link below.

..”One of the most alarming and undemocratic aspect of TTIP is the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism, which allows companies to sue governments for making policy changes that could hurt their future profits. Looking at the effect of ISDS in similar cases around the world suggests this could have significant implications for the ability of the state to legislate in the public interest:

  1. Egypt is currently being sued by Veolia for raising the minimum wage and stands to lose $80million as a consequence.
  2. Last year, Slovakia was forced to pay over €22million to Dutch insurer Achmea when it attempted to introduce public health insurance.
  3. Argentina was successfully sued for over $1billion by water and electricity companies (including EDF) for freezing utility prices.
  4. Canada is being sued for $500 million by big American drug company, Eli Lilly, who claims a Canadian court’s decision to reject a patent on one of their drugs (because it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do) is depriving them of “expected future profits”.

Did you know that Nafta, ,UPOV,TRIPS,CETA,and soon TTIP

  • Grant corporations the power to sue governments;
  • Lock-in the privatisation of public services like the NHS and education;
  • Undermine workers’ rights;
  • Undo regulations that protects the environment, giving harmful industries like fracking an easier ride;
  • Remove food safety regulation to allow new GM crops, hormone pumped beef and chlorine washed chicken

I found out that the 10th of October there were Over 400 different demonstrations in 22 countries protesting TTIP. I have to say that I saw nothing on these demonstrations on the new programs we watch. In my humble opinion, there needs to be separation of corporation and state.

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  1. Yes indeed! I would go further than that but this separation is a must! Money is not everything😕.

  2. Excellent summary and analysis of the consequences of this alarming corporate power play!

  3. Reblogged this on Aware & Fair and commented:
    My blogging friend’s interest in gardening and heirloom veggies led her to… global trade agreements. She explains the connection. She also lists several nations that are being, or have been, sued via the Investor-State Dispute Settlement mechanism in the TIPP – for things like wages, public health insurance, and water utilities.

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