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Negative health impact on Hidden salted meat!

Pecan Buttermilk Banana Bread

this sounds sinfully delicious

Cook Plate Fork

Pecan Buttermilk Banana Bread

Many who are not vegan or not allergic to gluten, make there sweet breads with regular white flour. It can be bleached or unbleached. I thought I would change that and use 100% whole wheat flour in our featured recipe: Pecan Buttermilk Banana Bread.

Even though it’s made with 100% whole wheat, it won’t ruin the fun of enjoying this sweet treat. Besides whole wheat is a complex carbohydrate and wont spike your glucose, or cause a serge of energy to only fall fast 20 minutes later.

The inside has Almond Toffee Bits or better know as Heath Bars. The outside of the bread is bake coated with sugar, for that extra sweetness.

The sugar coats better, and doesn’t clump like flour or leave a floury film on the baked cake. Instead, it leaves a slight sweet coating on the bottom and sides. Avocado oil or olive oil can…

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We need to teach Our daughters

We need to teach our daughters....

It is crazy when we see…

It is crazy..

Womanpower (33)

Food for thought


When David Cameron announced his cabinet reshuffle a short while ago and more women were appointed to Cabinet, the headlines talked about “girlpower” and, of course what the “girls” were wearing. No talk of “womanpower” because so often we women are described as “girls” as we are not supposed to become fully-grown, mature, strong WOMEN. (I might add I am wholly cynical about the promotion of women as I see it as a cynical attempt to garner women’s votes rather than a genuine dedication to women’s equality.)

If you have a look at the photos on the right, the top row is of girls, the bottom is of women. The images in the top row are a vision of us as girls, never growing into a womanly shape, shaving our pubic hair so we look like constant teenagers, torturing ourselves with ripping out that hair (and I can tell you…

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Peach Preserves – How to Can Peaches and Make Summer Last All Year Long

This is peach perserves made easy. It is like peach perserves for Dummies. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Old World Garden Farms

There is nothing like biting into a fresh peach. But just like everything when it comes into season, it is hard to imagine what to do with all those peaches.  This is where canning comes in handy.

You can save that fresh taste for use in the fall or winter, when you are longing for anything that reminds you of summer. And canning peaches is simple.  A pressure cooker is not required – you can use the water bath method, which is much easier and less scary for the first time ‘Canner’.  (no, that isn’t an official title, but I like it)

Having canned peaches on our shelf allows us to enjoy summer all year long. Having canned peaches on our shelf allows us to enjoy summer all year-long.

Canning peaches allows you to grab a jar from the shelf, make a cobbler, pie, or enjoy the fresh taste of summer any time of the year.  This allows you to also know what is in…

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Trust your instincts…

whispering in your ear..

In this zoo…

in this zoo..

Don’t Confuse Your Path..

don't confuse your path

I am already…

I am already disturbed..


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