Welcome to my little slice of heaven in Sweden! My husband and I moved to our little slice of heaven roughly 3 years ago. We had a goal to live close to nature with our two dogs. We found a sweet little red and white house surrounded by woods by a lake with our own private swimming hole. We wanted to be as self sufficient as possible.

I invite you to enjoy reading my blog, please feel free to leave your comments or just leave a like to let me know what you think about it’s contents. I encourage you to follow my blog as well. I have chosen to write this blog while giving our family a little bit of anonymity by not disclosing where in Sweden that we live or our real names. I chose nicknames for everyone. I call my husband my Hubby and myself Honey. Our dogs are Dixie and Coco. I plan to photograph and write about our journey, lifestyle and discovery of our version of country living.

I have grown tomatoes, fruit trees, strawberries, rhubarb, and berry bushes, when we have had a garden decades ago. When we moved back to the country, my hubby said why don’t you use your green thumb to grow things that we can eat instead of landscaping a large flower garden. My hubby has wanted a vegetable patch for years. I thought why not? I regret that we had not done this years ago. Even when we lived in an apartment we could have looked into renting a garden allotment. I guess we live and learn.

We both enjoy cooking and we have always prepared our meals from scratch. It is cheaper and I believe the food taste much better and is healthier for you. Now that we both have health issues, it is even more important than ever before that we cook from scratch. The recent meat scandal in Europe, where unscrupulous companies switched questionable horse meat and substituted it for more expensive meat to profiteer from it, has placed new concerns about where the food comes from that we eat. This questionable meat was sold in supermarkets, frozen food freezers, to restaurants and only God know where else. I see adds selling horses all the time in our local area, because they can’t afford them anymore. In these are hard economic times this makes horse meat cheap and apparently too irresistible to not sell as choice cuts of meat at a huge mark up.

I am seriously concerned about why the Swedish government or the EU are not monitoring this. I think the Swedish government and the EU should stop wasting tax money on the size a cucumber should be and put that energy and cost into the quality of food we are eating. I have heard of nothing in the media about this meat scandal for quite some time. What happened to the safe guards that are in place that should have protected the EU consumers from mystery meat being served on our plates.

We need to realize how much water is wasted every year on fruit and vegetables that are considered substandard and not sold in local supermarkets. Is all that food just discarded because it did not meet EU standards? How is that environmentally friendly or sound politics? When did food have to be uniform in size, color and shape for us to buy it? If we are truly concerned about our environment, we need to re-evaluate our thinking about the food we consume. Shouldn’t the EU be more concerned about providing affordable quality food for everyone that is environmentally sound?

I have to say I was glad that we bought our meat from a local farmer and knew where it came from and was sure what meat we were eating. We know that this is ecologically grown as well. I feel the same way about growing our own vegetable garden. I know there are no insecticides sprayed on our vegetables we grow and the fruit that I pick on the farm. We don’t use chemical fertilizers on it as well. I realize that with pollutants in the atmosphere nothing is 100% free of chemical, but it is the closets that we can get with our environment being in the shape that it is in today.

My grandparents had vegetable gardens, fruit trees,and much more in their backyards and they canned their own food. Both my grandmothers sewed, knitted, quilted, crocheted and embroidered clothing. I don’t know of any of their children that carried on that tradition of being self-sufficient. I believe some people stopped gardening because having a vegetable garden and handcrafts became stigmatized with poverty. They wanted to show they were well off enough that they could afford to buy their food and didn’t need to grow it as their parents had in the past. I believe others liked the convience. Some how we all missed the point. We may be gaining convenience but with a poorer standard of food. We are consuming food that is filled with chemicals, low nutritional value, hormones that are harmful to our health and our environment. There are serious consequences to decisions that we make everyday. I do not want the family owned farms in Sweden to disappear like they have in the United States. I do not want large corporations to grow the food I purchase. I do not want to consume genetically modified food. I have chosen to follow my grandparents footsteps instead. I have chosen a simpler life. I hope my thoughts will inspire you to begin to discuss some of these subjects as well.

  1. I love what you are doing- living a simpler life and following in the footsteps of your Grandparents with your growing and creativity. I share your ideals and ethos and derive the most enormous amount of pleasure from growing and celebrating what I grow through cooking, photography and art. I have been lucky enough to visit Sweden as I have friends with a house there and I feel it is a very special place.- Karen,

    • Thank you for such a heart felt and positive response. It is encouraging to find like minded people. I found your blog earlier today and clicked to follow it on my reader. I am looking forward to exchange ideas and recipes. By the way Karen B you are the first person to leave a comment on my blog.

  2. I think we have a lot in common. Similar goals,ideals and aspirations.

  3. We feel the same way as you do on everything you have outlined. We find it scary when we realize that two whole generations have been brought up on factory produced food and have little idea as to where the food they eat even comes from. Even scarier when you find that this ‘food’ is placed on polystyrene trays, styrene being a carcinogenic and yet the EU and governments throughout the world allow this. No wonder people are sick and the planet dying.

    • Thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate your input and opinions as well. I am glad to find that I am not alone in these concerns why so many people are so sick and why our planet is dying.. I agree with you that polystyrene trays, and the gas that used when vaccum packing them is dangerous. Everything seems upside down.

  4. I love what you are doing and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog: Chronicle of Wickedness. I have put more information there to explain why I chose the name.

    I have another blog you might be interested in—it’s about growing food on a small (Australian) suburban block (see: http://suburbansource.com). We have a soil garden and have just, this year, put in an experimental aquaponics system. I think you would find it interesting, given your passions, concerns for food provenance and your lifestyle.

    • Thank your for telling me about your other blog. I will check it out. I have been looking into aquaponic system in conjunction with raising fish and growing food. My delimma is the freezing temperatures in Sweden. Our dilemma would be providing and external heat source for a polytunnel. I am renting my home. I do not own it. I have been looking into home made Wind mills on line. as an option. We have been looking at raising rabbits and chicken as well. Right now increasing food production and learning to preserve long term food stores is of utmost importance. I have not been able to find pressure canners in Sweden. It is a work in progress.

      • There is a lot of information online…I have seen all sorts of solutions for aquaponics from the USA! Good luck with all your ventures 😀

      • I have been researching online for solutions. I want to be informed enough before we invest into our next project. I don’t mind learning from my mistakes but I would like to avoid them as much as possible.

  5. I share your passions and concerns. I have just completed an assignment in my university course about ‘food insecurity for students’. It was mind boggling what I uncovered in my research. I shall blog about it soon and share what I have found and some good books and articles to read!

  6. So happy to have found your blog! We look forward to reading your updates 🙂

  7. Thanks Honey for your visits and comments to my blog and website. I am glad we could communicate through e-mails as well. I am happy as well that I could contribute something to your getting well, as possible as well could be.

    I wish you well for 2015, you and your husband.

    Thanks again for the conversations, for your time and considerations.


  8. Enjoying your blog!

    A question… May I copy your Pledge of Allegiance to the Earth image? I would like to share it, and of course I would link to your blog as the source.

    Have a great year in 2015!

  9. Enjoyed reading some of your posts; like to commend you on your setting up home in rural Sweden, farm-sourcing of meat and growing your vegetables, organically. It is a matter of regret to note the kind of adulteration of meat products even in EU. In many parts of the world, animals are mercilessly huddled together on trucks and undergo rampant cruelty en route to slaughter houses. The kind of fear and cruelty animals are subjected to, triggers hormonal imbalance in them and builds up toxicity in the meat that gets passed on to whomsoever is eventually consuming it, one of the major reasons for me to turn totally vegetarian over twelve years ago. A vegetarian lifestyle is not only healthy but it also has a salutary effect on environment and prevents cruelty to animals. Organic farming of vegetables is gaining ground world over with greater awareness of deleterious effects of chemical fertilisers on ecology and harmful impact of chemical pesticides on public health…best wishes.. Raj.

    • Hi Raj,
      Thank you so much for your comments you thoughts about my blog and the environment. I too am concerned about animal husbandry and ecological farming. Many people forget what affects transportation and slaughtering have on the animals. I am so glad that you pointed this out.I worry a lot about pesticides and herbicides on the publics health as well.

      You have taken it a step further by becoming a vegetarian. I am not there yet.I am glad to see that you have begun following my blog. I have started following yours as well. I am looking for to talking to you more.

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