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Johnson and Johnson’s 40 year cover up

CDC Executive Resigns After Being Caught Colluding With Coca-Cola to Salvage Soda Market

Is Chemo Therapy a waste of money?

The 21st century cures act

FDA decisions impacts the world’s health care. Countries around the world purchase medicines in good faith for their citizens. It seems profits are prioritized over health benefits. Experimenting on human being is a human rights violation.

Taxpayers money finances a lot of  the private sectors medical research. The pharmaceutical companies sell the products that were paid for with taxes.  Companies are  citing high cost of research that dictates market prices. Research that was paid for by the taxpayers subsidies. What is wrong with this picture?

Did you know that Pharmaceutical companies stop selling products like antibiotics that patents have run out. The prices of those pharmaceuticals would be much cheaper for us consumers to buy. If governments wanted to truly bring down the costs of medical care being cost-effective should be a high priority.

Is Recycling worth it?

If I return plastic PET bottles, I get paid for every recyclable bottle that I take to a recycle station. I am only get reimburse for the money I was charged for each bottle when i purchased it. When I recycle metal, newspapers, glass, Light-bulbs, Batteries…. I receive no payment. I know in the states you can get money in some places for recycling paper. We do not have that system in Sweden. I think we should get money. The companies should have to pay us for our recyclable waste. There is big money in recycling. No one talks about how much the companies pay the municipalities for the recyclable trash? Are they getting if for free? I want to know if  there is toxic waste material from while making recycled products. If so how it the waste being disposed of? Is it environmentally sound to recycle all products. Shouldn’t we ban non biodegradable and un-recyclable products?

Study shows benefits of Raw Milk

Raw milk  separates as it sits in your refrigerator. It is light yellow coloring or antique white. The creme floats on top and the milk underneath is more watery in texture. You can spoon off the creme for baking or cooking. You can stir them together before pouring your milk. It is absolutely delicious.

I have bought raw milk off and on during the last 40 years, when it was available. We have bought it direct from the farm and from the health food store. Now I wish we had made it a point to buy only raw milk. Maybe I would not be lactose intolerant and asthmatic, if I had not switched to pasteurized milk.


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