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Gardenings life lesson by Fiona

Excuse some of the swear words used in  this post, But I found the message quite profound. I have been trying to counsel a young teenage girl, who recently lost her father. This gave me some inspiration maybe you will find your own inspiration as well after reading the link below.



2016 election rant:

Hearing the music



In memory of Nelson Mandela.:

The Church….

The Church

I came across a wise man sitting on a fence,
I asked him several questions and his answers made good sense;
I asked him which of the world’s churches was closest to the truth,
He said you won’t find the answers in there my son, mankind has been cleverly fooled.

He spoke of mistranslations and about how mankind does not understand,
That the kingdom of God is not outside of yourself, you are your very own clan;
You are the product of divine genealogy, not just the physical but the spirit,
But mankind is so distracted by outside noises, most of them cannot hear it.

He said, I don’t follow what the Church says, since I found out it was wrong,
It’s an outdated broken record, singing an erroneous song,
Instead I prefer to listen, to God speak through my soul,
That God resides in my Sacred Heart, is all I need to know.

The church has killed me before, for not buying into its lies,
Because it’s ruled by darkness clothed in an angel’s disguise;
The High God of unspeakable energy, the God we cannot describe,
Does not need to keep man in guilt and fear, imbalance does not serve the Light.

God does not dwell in negativity, God is the Creator of Light,
So who is the source who uses religions as tools, to keep man trapped in night?
Who is this wolf in sheep’s clothing, who has pulled the wool over man’s eyes?
It’s also known as the veil and to shred it would be very wise.

Do you know you’re a co-creator, along with the Spirit of God our Creator?
You create with your thoughts and actions; are you a lover or you a hater?
Are you guided by a higher power or are you ruled by a controlling church?
Are you mired in guilt-riddled stagnation? Are you ready for re-birth?

Baptism by water or fire, realizing the Christ within,
Awakening to the Collective Consciousness and rejecting the notion of sin;
Am I a misguided heretic, working for God undercover?
Or am I a pawn of the Church’s darkness? That is for you to discover.

No one can tell you what is right or wrong, only you will know,
When you stop looking for answers outside of yourself and ask for them from your soul;
God placed a gift within your soul, the glorious kingdom within,
And when you discover that treasure inside of yourself, your true life can begin.

~Janine Palmer (Silver Moon)
21 November 2015

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