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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

OMG! Click on the link this blogger is talking about on the bottom of their post. I have been to lake Shasta and Redding California before. California is at a tipping point.

Jordan A Maiden

Often times, environmental degradation and ground water depletion happens so slow that it is not realized until after the damage has occurred. Such is the case with the current drought occurring in California. Poor water management coupled population growth is having tremendous impacts upon the environment and people of the West.

Please check out these stunning pictures photographer Justin Sullivan has captured showing the before and after effects.

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Is Bone Broth the New Super Food?

Is Bone Broth the New Super Food?.

Valentine’s Day

Last Sunday was Valentine’s Day and we decided to travel to the big city and go out for lunch. We had a nice drive there talking and listening to music. We  had a romantic lunch at a nice restaurant…

We stopped on our way home at a grocery store in a village that we rarely shop. I noticed a man with a small child walking around the store. He looked like he could not find something, but they caught my attention.  I stood in line with one woman a head of me at the check outline. The dark-haired olive-skinned man, who I had seen earlier, walked up with his young daughter and said, ” bathroom key”? The cashier said loudly with a rude voice.” Wait, I am busy”! The cashier and the female customer ahead of me were obviously friends. They were chatting and catching up. They were just rudely ignoring the man and the child.  The little girl was so short the cashier maybe couldn’t see her holding her father’s hand. I know that she just glanced in his direction before she dismissed him. I figured the child was just old enough to have started being potty trained. The man asked politely again for the bathroom key. I doubt his Swedish language skills allowed him to communicate much more than that. The woman snapped WAIT I AM BUSY! I was getting angry at her. I said to them politely that he has a young toddler with him that can not wait on you to go to the bathroom. The female customer that the cashier was waiting on looked at the child then the father for the first time. They were standing right next to her. She then asked the cashier where was  the key? The cashier pointed at the register beside her, which was behind her friend. The female customer leaned over the counter and gave the key to the man.

The cashier got very red and flustered after that. She incorrectly rang up her friend’s groceries. She had an even harder time fixing her mistake, because she was so flustered. God forgive me, but I thought at least she had enough good sense to be embarrassed of her atrocious behavior.

Valentin’s day is supposed to be a day of celebrating  love, but where was simple courtesy and kindness?  I guess that it was too much to reach over a counterfor a bathroom key so that  a little immigrant child could use the bathroom before she soiled herself. All they saw was an olive-skinned dark-haired man. An immigrant who wasn’t worth their attention nor courtesy.

I did not raise my voice or swear nor show anger, but my voice was heard. I have written an email to the company headquarters to complain about it.


The Hybrid Problem

The Hybrid Problem.

This is a thought provoking article because the author is looking at the consequences down the road of this technology. That is what we need to do for ourselves and use our dollars to change what we are being offered.

The low energy light bulbs are creating the same delimma. They contain toxic materials that are harmful to the environment…. The old batteries were cheaper and were more enviromentally sound than the low energy lightbulbs because they do not have to toxins inside of them.


Can Tiny Houses Help Fix Homelessness?

This subject really touches home for me. I just saw on the news that some people in Malmö ( southren Sweden) want the homeless in a park evicted. The police said they hoped that they could persuade the homeless to leave voluntarily. The tv report showed that, The homeless have built shelters out of a pallet and a peice of metal siding as a make shift roof. They did not look like an eye sore to me. Others had made make shift tents out of tarps.

I personally find this a disgrace and blemish on Swedish society. The social system should assist these people. No one should be homeless and left outside of our society. They are trying to survive through a Swedish winter. I can’t even imagine what their lives must be like during the blizzards with hurricane force winds. The people who complained should have stated their concerns that there were homeless who need assistance and why haven’t they received assistance? 30 years ago to see homeless on the street was unthinkable. I am waiting to see what our government will do for these people.

Magnesium crucial to prevent congestive heart failure

Magnesium crucial to prevent congestive heart failure.

Countable: Direct Democracy and Keep Track of Congress

This sounds like a great way for voters to keep tabs on the government and make there voices be heard.

6000% Increase in Cancer Rates at Fukushima Site

6000% increase in Cancer at Fukashima site.

Where is the world coverage on what affects Fukashima has on the worlds oceans and environmental affects? Is radioactive water still being dumped into our oceans? Where else would they dispose of it? What is being done to protect our drinking water? Why are we afraid to know the truth and act accordingly? Why are we not asking the tough question? Why don’t we write emails to news channels, governments, political parties, environmental parties… to voice out opinion.

I remember as a child learning about nuclear energy. I questioned the teacher about nuclear waste. It made no sense to me. Why make something so poisonous that you have no technology to make it inert and develope a disposal method? I remember being told that it was too complicated for me to understand. The government knows what it is doing so trust that the grown ups know what they are doing.

Sweden taxed (energy tax) it’s people for years. Our government saying we were going to changed to renewable energies and close down our nuclear plants. Policies were made and time frame and schdule. We have passed the deadline. The decision was scraped without officially scraping the idea. Where did all that money go? We have gone through years now, where we hear one incident after another about problems at the nuclear plants. Emergency shut downs are ordered… These plants are in bad repair. They should be shut down as planned. The money was set aside with a deadline which we already passed. The Moderate party wanted to build new Nuclear plants. The Social Democrats ( Blocket) says they want to steer Sweden to a more environmentally sound policies.Why would you invest money in a more expensive and environmentally unsound Energy? Green energy is a fraction of the cost and is environmentally sound. It is Environmentally and fiscally sound to go green.

I hope that voters realize these costly decisions are being made now. Let your government know where you stand on the nuclear energy issue!


Mother nature speaks. A short film with a though provoking message.

Florida: Awake the State

This sounds like a great step forward in the right direction. 15$ an hour minimum wage is far from a true livable income. I hope that they set guidlines for cost of living schedule built in it. That way it won’t be frozen in time like it has been in the past.


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