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Worlds Apart: The Enduring Significance of Ojibwe Culture

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Introducing Miss Piggy!


Coco (above) and Dixie (below) have made a new friend.



Introducing Miss Piggy who has moved here 2 months ago. She is also a mixed breed. Our neighbor bought this hunting dog mix. He had been dogless for the last 5 years.He came home with this little bundle of joy.

Coco has a new playmate. Piggy loves to run down the road to our house, when she sees us outside with our dogs. Hubby has laughed at my frustration with her. Miss Piggy is still learning doggy etiquette in the garden. She thinks I am a heap of fun, when I chase her from eating my roses or digging up my flowers. She thinks It is a wonderful game to run in circles around the tree stump in our yard from me, when I am trying to scold her. She bites me when I tell her “no”…Dixie has been helping to teach her doggy etiquette. I actually have heard Coco growl for the very first time in the last month. She is such a good-natured puppy that I had never heard her growl until Miss Piggy moved here. I have heard Coco bark all the time,but it wasn’t until the puppy bit her leg too hard that I heard her growl for the first time….

Hubby has enjoyed laughing at me with my struggle with this adorable puppy. He keeps telling me she thinks it is a game. She gets mad at me, when I tell her to go home. She knows if she runs in the garden and pulls up an onion that I will come out to play. By that I mean that I go out to scold her, chase her to catch her and take he home. She doesn’t get that I am scolding her… One day hubby went to the shed to get the lawn mower and met Miss Piggy. He bent down to pet her on the head. She jumped up at his face and bit his beard. She literally swung in the air  by his beard. When he said no and she let go and bit his ankle. He just laughed and yelled to me Honey we have company….

We have a lot of fun with this puppy. Her owner has his hands full with her. I have to admit that I have laughed at his stories of life with Miss Piggy. They visited us earlier today. I am happy to report she finally starting to grow out of this stage and has learned some doggy etiquette.

August Poly-tunnel update


Bell pepper are coming up every where in the Poly-tunnel. Last year was our first successful bell pepper crop. Last year we had 4 plants this year we have 19. They seem to thrive in the Poly-tunnel which is a warm,  humid and wind free environment.


We have our very first Galeo-melon ever.  It was an experiment to see if we could grow them successfully in our climate. We hoped that they would thrive in a Poly-tunnel.  I am pleased with our first attempt to grow melons has gone so well thus far. It gives me such a feeling of  satisfaction, when we over come obstacles and succeed in growing something like bell peppers. We failed to grow them  in our earlier attempts. We are stubborn and try to learn from our mistakes and try again.  Gardening has a huge learning curve, that also requires patience. It is so satisfying, when you get it right.

Corn crop update

This year we were given this water tank from our landlord to use in to water our garden. We didn’t want to use our well to water our garden.We were grateful for his thoughtfulness. We were looking to buy one, but he said there was no need he fixed it for us. He loaned us a water pump last year for our garden.

June was really nice and warm we really needed that extra water. We have a water pump in the pond in front of our house to fill the water tank. We finally got it set up in the end of June. It rained all July. We didn’t need it.


This years corn crop is from last years seed corn. It has been our best crop yet. We usually get 1-3 ears per stock if we are lucky. This year the corn out done itself. It is our biggest crop yet.


The stalk below was broken, when the wind knocked down the Poly-tunnel earlier this year. Hubby planted it in the middle of a row so the other stalks would prop it up. We were surprised to see that it survived. It has 3 ears on it.


We were shocked at what we found today, when hubby was watering the corn this afternoon. The original stock below has 2 new shoots off of it. There are 10 ears of corn on the 3 armed stalk. We counted it a few times, because we could not believe our eyes. My gardening book said  you usually get one ear of corn per stock. We were surprised last year, when we got 3 ears on some stocks. Our neighbor (who is a farmer) said he had never heard of 10 ears on a stalk  before. He said have you ever saved corn for seed? My husband grinned and said we did that last year. This year corn is from last year seed corn. Our neighbor said Good Job!


Epidemic of sea mammal deaths explodes as Fukushima radiation contaminates one-third of the earth

Makes on think …

The Citizen Media

(NaturalNews) Dead and dying sea mammals continue to wash ashore at unusual and alarming rates along the California coast. Scientists are stumped, suggesting that the cause may be food shortages caused by abnormally warm waters – but unsure of what has caused the ocean off the California coast to warm so rapidly.

Meanwhile, the radioactive plume released into the Pacific Ocean following the Fukushima nuclear disaster draws ever closer to North America’s western coast. At the same time, radioactive material is still pouring into the sea from the Fukushima site. Could the ongoing radioactive poisoning of the Pacific and the dying of its marine mammals be related?

Whales, dolphins now affected

On July 6, San Francisco news outlets reported the discovery of a large dead dolphin that had washed ashore at nearby Ocean Beach. While one death might not be particularly unusual, a dead sea lion pup and a dead…

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Leave nothing but footprints – Kill nothing but time ? Ben Nevis Rubbish – Festival rubbish?

I love the sign!


Leave nothing but footprints – Kill nothing but time ? Ben Nevis Rubbish – Festival rubbish?.

Fukushima site becoming even less stable as crumbling buildings sink into ground around nuclear reactors

Fukushima site becoming even less stable as crumbling buildings sink into ground around nuclear reactors.

The point of no return climate change is here

I realize environment is in danger. I found this article profound and alarming. I just wonder how many people are listening.


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