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Magnesium (Mg) deficiency is harmful to your health

I am a follower of  Randy at and he informed me that I could be lacking trace minerals (including magnesium). We have been corresponding and I received valuable information on diet ,recipes and health news from him. I found this particular news hard to believe, because we eat organic and whole foods. We eat Probiotic foods. I watch our sugar intake, salt intake, eat high fiber, lots of fruit and vegetables… We are not perfect, but we are conscientious.  I was mis-informed about certain information on what is a balance diet. I am  continuously researching the latest health news. It is a process. I can’t Thank Randy  for all his help on steering me on the right road to recovery.

Randy explained that the soil is deficient in minerals… I did not understand that my medications could be depleting magnesium reserves in my body or that other factors could affect Mg levels in my body. He has written posts on this subject and more. I clicked on his links he gave in his post. I have read up on this subject on the net. I continued to get information from Randy.

I just recently been in the hospitals for tests.  My doctor confirmed the information. The doctor confirmed that my illness can have been spurred by lack of magnesium. The doctor wrote Mg supplement. Oddly enough she wrote out a prescription for Mg supplement that your body can only absorb 4% of that type. The rest is expelled through the digestive system. It causes diarrhea in many cases. Considering that I had chronic diarrhea for over 6 months,one would  question the doctors thinking in prescribing this medicine for me. There are other supplements that the body can absorb 90-100% of the Mg and do not have this laxative effect. If  I can find that out why can’t the doctor or the pharmacy. One would think our universal health care system would weed out these inefficient  medications. The second Mg supplements the pharmacy offered me had Aspartame( toxic substance) in it. When I found and pointed this out I was given, another supplements.  I have discovered that the medications that I have been on have further depleted my magnesium reserves. Hopefully now the doctors can give me the correct treatments that I need. I hopefully will be feeling better soon.  It is imperative that patients take a pro-active approach to their health care. If we advocate our choices in the medicines and treatment we accept, the system will have to respond in kind.

Sugar increases Chronic disease

I remember the first time I heard about all the hidden sugar in processed food. The message I discovered is to eat like you are a Diabetic before you become on for real. Eat home-made food and avoid processed food.

The end of free speech and right to protest in the UK

Has anyone else heard about this?

Extinction of Monarch Butterflies

Some With Kidney Stones Might Have Calcium Buildup in Blood Vessels: Study

Health news about kidney stones study and calcium build up in the blood vessels.

West Coast orcas experiencing 100% infant mortality rate as radiation from Fukushima drifts across ocean

West Coast orcas experiencing 100% infant mortality rate as radiation from Fukushima drifts across ocean.

Sen. Bernie Sanders on the Failure of Trickle-Down Economics

It is in my humble opinion that Considering the core of the Alliances politics in Sweden was and is” the theory of trickle down economics”. Senator Sanders eloquently points out it does not work. Former Swedish Prime Minister Reinfeldt idolized the USA economics and corporate system. He made it quite clear Bill Clinton was his idol. He started to change Sweden to move into the USA model. Private Medical health insurance is being sold and preferential medical treatment is given to those who can afford it. We can see how under selling of utility companies, privatizing hospitals, schools, medical centers… has had disaster effects here in Sweden. After reading about the TTIP I realize that this was done in preparation to clear the way for this treaty. We should be building and refining what was wrong with the Swedish system that we had before! It is in my humble opinion that the problem was nothing other than bad management and planning. … Streamlining waste by the administrations exorbitant cost and salaries and modernizing our system to meet the countries needs today… You do not throw the baby out with the bath water. I did not say it was a perfect system. The ball is now in the New government to make positive changes in Sweden.

What is your legacy?

One thousand years ago, there was a good woman who played by the rules and was a good mother and wife. She died in childbirth giving birth to her ninth child and was buried in an unmarked grave. Nobody remembers her name.

About 500 years ago Joan of Arc broke all of the sexist rules, and she lives forever in the history books of humanity.

120 years ago, Annie Oakley could outshoot any man alive, in an age of wild west gunslingers. She broke all of the sexist rules, and she lives forever in the history books of humanity.

110 years ago, Madame Curie broke all the sexist rules by becoming a pioneer in nuclear physics, in an era when women were rarely sent to school, and she lives forever in the history books of humanity.

Remember that women who abide by the rules are forgotten a few days after they are buried. There are very few if any well behaved, rule abiding women, in the history books. So anyone who tells you to behave yourself, is a threat to your legacy


Stephanie Heck

USDA Claims Pesticide Residues in Food Is Safe—Here’s Why They’re Wrong

USDA Claims Pesticide Residues in Food Is Safe—Here’s Why They’re Wrong

USDA Claims Pesticide Residues in Food Is Safe—Here’s Why They’re Wrong.


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