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Counting my blessings…

Willie's thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Many of you are celebrating Thanksgiving this week. I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving wish



Why Bees are disappearing?

I recommend  watching the video. I like her statement that we should work as the Bee Hive by making changes for the betterment of all. Planting native flowers in our gardens to do our part to keep the Bees alive. Our vegetable patches and flower gardens that we plant our just that. Change is possible just one person at a time.

It again brings to our attention that pesticides and herbicides are harmful to our health and the environment.

How Improving Stomach Acid Production Can Improve Your Health

If you are experiencing poor digestion, it could be due to low stomach acid. Improving stomach acid is vital to good health. A poor diet or diet that consist…

Source: How Improving Stomach Acid Production Can Improve Your Health

Know The Health Benefits Of Buckwheat

Buckwheat sounds great for my digestive ,allergy , asthma and my husbands diabetes. I just wonder how expensive it is to buy. I wonder how the flour taste. I am going to look for it when I grocery shop next time.


Why so many of us reach for factory made junk food is a mystery with so much information on the negative side effects of processed foods. As consumers, and individuals

Source: Know The Health Benefits Of Buckwheat

Robert Redford: Demand Climate Action at the Paris Climate Summit

Climate summit in Paris is the point of no return. The earth will go on but will mankind be able to survive the planet we are creating?

Wobbly Warrior's Blog

Published on Nov 16, 2015

“If we want to leave our children, grandchildren and future generations a healthy planet, we’ve got to respond now to the challenge of climate change. “ – Robert Redford

From every part of our world, in our own way, we can do something to act on climate. But we need our world leaders to do the same.

This December, leaders from every nation in the world will meet for the Paris Climate Summit – or COP21 – to work towards an international commitment to act. Stand with Robert Redford and sign the petition telling world leaders meeting in Paris: We Demand Climate Action:

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Blueberry White Chocolate Bread Pudding

This sounds like a delicious holiday dessert.

Cook Plate and Fork

Blueberry White Chocolate Bread PuddingIf you like blueberries, white chocolate, real cream, and bread pudding, than this is the dessert recipe for you. We found this recipe about 7 or 8 years ago. Personally I would consider this our signature dessert recipe, as we sell desserts, and this is the most ordered dessert on our list.

Bread pudding is a dessert dish with very old roots. It evolved as a use for stale bread. Many cultures throughout history have seen starvation, and food shortages, and they seen no reason to waste food, not even stale bread. Many culinary dishes have been invented using stale bread, both savory and sweet.

Today making bread pudding is still a tradition, though current recipes are far more extravagant or splendid since the inception of making bread pudding.

Our featured recipe never goes without a word of, “this was so delicious”, and we think…

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The effects of Grounding..


I find this quite interesting. I do not go barefoot at all I am so tender footed. I had a best friend in school, who could run bare foot on gravel. I always found that amazing. She found it amazing that I could out run her in heels on gravel. I was the city girl and she was the country girl. I always admired that about her among many other thing. She use to tease me about being  tender footed.

I am allergic to grass. The only time I went barefoot as a child was at the beach. My husband does not go barefoot either, because he is a diabetic. The Diabetes Doctor and nurse both advised him not to go barefoot, because a wound to his feet can cause health complications.

One of my friends visited us this summer. We walked  my favorite dog trail along the lake with my dogs. This trail is through a cow pasture with a large duck pond. The ducks nest in it during the spring. We have a wooded area where all kinds of birds nest every year. Some of the trees have nesting boxes in them. There is a beautiful little waterfall during rainy season. The area is covered with wild flowers. There are hand made benches to sit along the trail and enjoy the vistas over looking the lake from different vantage points, where you can catch your breathe. You never know what animal that you might walk upon. There is a rocky beach at the end of the trail. There is a sandy beach that a large variety of water fowl nest. There is a cement boat dock with sheltered swimming whole. There is a shore line leading to two different wooded piers / boat dock. I like to walk the shore line. I like to walk in the water mid calf deep. There is no traffic. It is my favorite trail to walk around here.

We took a dip in the lake to cool off and walk home. We were gone for over 3 1/2 hours. It surprised her at how fast time flew by. We had no watches, radio, or phone with us.  She said she came back relaxed.  My friend thought that we were gone 20 minute tops. I laughed and told her I always lose track of time at the lake.

I love my nature walks with my dogs. That is like going to church for me. I decompress, and connect with God and nature. My great love for the outdoors started with my Dad and Grandfather. I have enjoyed walking in nature alone with my dogs, since I was 12 years. My being sick this last year and half has been terrible for me. I have not been able to do that. I would not have taken that walk if I had not had her company.

I truly can see that touching the earth would make a huge difference in our bodies. It makes sense that there would be a biological need for actually touching the earth. Now we have scientific evidence to prove what native people around the world have said for millennium that we need to be connect to earth. Grounding gives it new meaning to me.






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