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Upcycling or repurposing clothing or furniture a greener alternative.

We have been doing this for decades. I told hubby 5 years ago we are actually in fashion and think we were actually a head of the trend.That never happens. I refashioned kids clothing, but not adult clothing. I have introduced my friends and family to second-hand shopping. They became hooked. I usually buy second-hand clothing that had price tags still on them. No one had ever even worn them. I would make small repairs. We were waiting in line for a second-hand shop to open. All joking aside.

I am not happy with the clothing manufacturers choices of dyes, working conditions, wages.. This is my way of protesting and recycling and trying to change my consumerism.


Building Castles

Brenda’s writing challenge has spoken to my inner child.

pieces of me

Castle In The Sky by Lucia Chocholackova Castle In The Sky by Lucia Chocholackova

“If you have built castles in the sky, Let not your dreams go to waste; Just build the foundations under them.” Henry David Thoreau 

I sometimes get really tired of being a grown up.  I have always had a vivid imagination but as a grown up I have learned to logic and doubt my way out of almost all of my wildest fantasies.  And I really miss those fantasies, dammit.

So I have decided to stop being such a kill joy to my own imagination.  To that end I have given myself a project this year.  I love to journal and normally I write about things I am grateful for, or about esoteric spiritual ideals and guidance.  But for now I have decided that I am going to free myself from any and all limitations.  I will begin each day by writing about the…

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Pak choi oriental style noodles

My Hubby will love trying this recipe. I will have to omit the red chillis

Chitra's Healthy Kitchen

Pakchoi Noodles final


The beauty of this recipe is that it’s so easy to prepare and yields so much. This dish is somewhat versatile in that you can add almost any bits of vegetables you have on hand. This low-fat noodle recipe has a healthy dose of vitamins from the baby Pak choi.

This is a blend of spicy-crunchy taste with hearty veggies and soft and silky noodles to enjoy.

Health Benefits:

Pak Choi, also known as Bok Choy, Pecking Cabbage or Chinese Cabbage is a vegetable most associated with Chinese cuisine. It is highly nutritious and packed with health, fitness and fat loss enhancing nutrients.Bok choy is one of the popular very low calorie, leafy vegetable. Nonetheless, it is a very rich source of many vital phyto-nutrients, vitamins, minerals and health-benefiting anti-oxidants.

Serves: 2-3
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 20 minutes

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