How to make cooking oil, butter and lard..

I made lard for the first time last fall. We bought our yearly half a pig and saved the fat and rendered it in to Lard. I am hooked on cooking and baking with Lard. It was easy and inexpensive to make. Lactose free butter is very expensive here. I think it will be worth trying to make home made butter with this recipe. I will let you know later how it turned out.



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  1. Hello Honey, I hope you are well?

    Opinion has changed regarding animal fats, hadn’t it? I don’t use much lard, only what comes off meat as I cook it, but it would be a shame to waste it.

    Have to tried bone broth, by the way? I know that’s got nothing to do with cooking fats. Just wondering how you use the pig’s bones.

    • Hi Helen,
      Thanks for asking. I am hanging in there. It will take longer that I thought for my body to recuperate. Doc says up to a year or more.It has been a lot on our plate. It is almost one year anniversary of our son’s death… I have lost one of ours dogs, and 5 relatives in the last year… It sounds like a bad country song. I needed time to mourn. I am back.

      Yes, you are correct opinions have changed on animal fats. The reason the were poisonous was because of the toxic food the animals were eating and their living conditions. Our bodies need some fats to function and perform well. We can get important Vitamins and minerals from it as well.I wrote a post called “Fats You Need!That take up the myth about fats…

      How did your bone broth turn out? I use the pig bones to make bone broth for my dogs. I cook the head, feet and all bones in seasoned water which allows the meat to fall off the bones (I use the meat and broth in homemade dog food). It help our older dog,who passed recently, with arthritic pain.I asked our landlord for cow bones when they butcher. I am shocked on how much meat they leave on the bones.


      • I’m glad you are hanging in there, Honey. Sounds like you are looking after yourself, anyway, but I am sorry to hear of so many losses in the last year.

        Re the bone broth, I don’t get a lot but it does make soups tastier. I am going to ask the butcher at our local organic farm for some decent ones, having recently learned that they do sell them. And it’s cheap too 😊.

        Good for you that they do leave so much meat on the bones!

      • Hi Helen,
        Four of the relatives lived long happy lives. It was just their time. It doesn’t make you miss them less…

        You might be able to ask your butcher for skin and fat from a pig to make lard. You might get skin and fat cheap as well.
        I get those beef bones for free. They let us take as much as we want.I just made dog food yesterday.

        I guess I need t start making Bone broth for us as well.

      • I have heard that bone broth is good for humans, though I can’t remember why.

        Yes, of course, it is never easy when someone dies, no matter the cause!

      • Bone broth is beneficial to humans and dogs. It supposedly heals you gut, helps arthritic pain, help to rebuild bone and cartilage…. I made post about the benefits of bone broth before.
        How are your daughter and you doing? Your garden looks great. I have enjoyed your posts.

      • We’re doing fine, thank you! I’m on annual leave and am enjoying not having to rush around, get things done at home. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my posts.

        I’m not sure I have arthritis but I do need to look after my gut. More than anything I need to find ways of relaxing without needing a two-week break from work. Or maybe I just need a different job!

      • I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with stress and your gut.I am for natural remedies if at all possible as you know. it is finding what works best on your bodies individual needs. It sounds like you on your way to handle stress by having hobbies and good social and family life.I have faith you will figure out how to deal with stress and work.

      • Thank you, Honey!

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