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SSRI Antidepressants Put Patients at Clear Risk of Suicide

I found it unimaginable that so many people in the USA would need antidepressants and pain killers. The side effects of mania, suicide,violence linked to these drugs should have been enough to ban them. The medical community instead dispenses these medicines in such staggering numbers raises red flags in my mind considering the evidence that they do more harm than good. Danish researcher study ( link given below)  believes that the SSRI are addictive. What ever happened to the Hippocratic oath,

“First do no harm”.

Mumps Being Spread by and Among Vaccinated People

It sounds like a twilight zone episode. Unfortunately it is our reality.

One of the side affects that is not discussed in this article is sterility in teenagers and men who contract the mumps.  I wonder how many of those college students are sterile after contracting the mumps. Where were the safe guards to protect the consumers?

The USA government is seeking  2 billion dollars from Congress for research for a new vaccine. Then the consumer will pay the companies for the new vaccine. If the government pays for research and development shouldn’t they own the vaccine. They should only pay for productions and distributing cost  and a small profit for the pharmaceutical company who developed the vaccine. One would think that the government would own the patent for it in the first place.The citizens of the USA paid for the vaccine with their tax dollars.

Think about how many medical advances have been made with taxpayers money. This would lower medical cost.

5 tips for your phone

Phone radiation is a class 2B carcinogen - these are important tips to follow, especially for kids and expectant mothers #health:

5 Ways to Reduce Cell Phone Radiation Exposure

Heartburn Pills Linked to Kidney Disease

How can Frankenstein science go wrong?

It is arrogant of corporations and scientists to disturb the building blocks ( DNA) of life on this planet. Should all life on this plant be their science project? Th check and balances are not working then don’t think the public demand that they should stop. Just because we can do something, doesn’t mean we should do it.


Why Bees are disappearing?

I recommend  watching the video. I like her statement that we should work as the Bee Hive by making changes for the betterment of all. Planting native flowers in our gardens to do our part to keep the Bees alive. Our vegetable patches and flower gardens that we plant our just that. Change is possible just one person at a time.

It again brings to our attention that pesticides and herbicides are harmful to our health and the environment.

Most common nutrient deficiencies

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When do we say Enough?

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