Best flowers to plant with vegetables

It is cold outside. Powdered snow covers the landscape. It is gorgeous outside. The sun goes down early and the temperature drops. We woke up earlier this week because our puppy was crying because she was cold. The furnace has gone out sometime in the night. The machine that feeds the sawdust into the furnace jammed because of ice forming on some of the sawdust. The furnace went out because there it was empty. Thankfully that has not happened in a couple of years. It was cold inside the house. It took over 6 hours to warm the house back up once the restarted the furnace. I lite  heat candles in the house and turned the oven to heat the house back up, While the furnace was being restarted.

This is the time of year I catch up on sewing and mending. I love to read a lot. I have  been a book-worm all of my life. I buy a lot of books  to read during this time of year. I  look up things on-line. I am trying to teach myself to crochet and  to bake bread this year. I will post later on that.

I am such a fan of Mother Earth News. Here is a great article about planting flower with your vegetables. We have never done that before. It is something to read up on and to look into it.


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  1. Yes, flowers act as good companions 😊.

    I hope you enjoy doing crochet. It is such a relaxing activity. And I hope your furnace stays on from now on. My house feels cold in spite of the heating having been in all day. I’m seriously considering replacing my windows now.

    • I do like crocheting when it all turns out correctly. I have been trying to crochet a rug. I get one side straight. The other side is crooked. I have taken it apart every time I re- do it the same side is always crooked. I have put it now because of our n ew puppy. I will figure it out eventually.
      Our house is 100 and something years old. It is time to redo the windows as well. I have heavy curtains and shades in the windows which I pull down to keep the heat inside. I light candles to warm the livingroom, when the temperaturer dip really low. They are small round candles in tins. They ell them in packages of 50 or 100. They burn for 6hrs. They are inexpensive and make the room feel cozy. I could light the wood burner, but It is rarely necessary. It is a tip until you can get those windows replaced.

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