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Has America been Duped again?- “Different face in the same suit”

Food for thought….


2016 election rant:

The Winter Larder

The Winter larder…..

How to Provide

Eat great food all winter long with these tips for canning and preserving, and make ahead meals to freeze.

By Leslie Griffin

Woman Harvesting Apples

Apples last for months in the crisper, and they can be dried, or frozen or canned as applesauce, apple butter or pie filling.

Most gardeners would agree that the garden is an excellent teacher. A few years ago, my own garden spurred a personal revelation: the importance of developing and maintaining my own winter larder.

A few years ago, I’d recently begun the adventure of trying to grow a significant portion of my own food, and I was spending hours in my yard tending a variety of crops, from beans, beets and onions to berries, tomatoes and cucumbers. By midsummer I had piles of produce. It seemed never-ending, and I loved the sense of fulfillment and self-sufficiency growing my own food gave me. Unfortunately, that sense of accomplishment…

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9 Mind-Blowing Ways Our Grandparents Recycled Stuff During The Great Depression

Written by: Tammy Robinson Chances are pretty good that you know someone who lived through the Great Depression. Some of the stories they tell are almost unbelievable. My mother, for example, was a…

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8 Obvious-But-Overlooked Ways Our Grandparents Survived Tough Times

I am glad to see we are not the only ones living a frugal life.

How to Provide

8 Obvious-But-Overlooked Ways Our Grandparents Survived Tough Times

Hard times are nothing new. They have come and gone throughout the centuries, and people have dealt with difficulties as best they can.

Amid catastrophic weather, crop failures, job loss and personal injuries—all of which often lead to economic disaster—our ancestors made it through some of the worst of times. Here are a few money-saving tips our grandparents might give us for getting through hard times.

1. Work harder. It might seem laughably obvious at first glance, but hard work really is the answer to a lot of struggles. If you have a job, ramp up your efforts. If you do not have a job, make it your full-time endeavor to look for one. Either way, consider devoting some of your free time to per diem work such as raking leaves and shoveling roofs and walking dogs. Money is out there, just waiting for you to…

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Election 2016: Whatever the Outcome, “99% of Us are Going to be Big Losers

Food for thought

The Most Revolutionary Act

So we are on the eve of the 11th “Most Important Election of Our Lifetimes” (MIEoOL) since I was first eligible to vote in 1976.

This MIEoOL has me constantly shaking my head over the depths of corruption, scandal and abject mediocrity that both of the major candidates have sunken to. The “crap of the crop” has certainly risen to the top in POTUS2016 and I couldn’t be more ashamed to live in a country of 320 million that couldn’t find anyone with more on the ball than Woman (D) and Man (R).

Now, Clinton’s supporters would argue that she has a lot of experience and should be the one with her twitchy finger on the button of nuclear annihilation. Her “experience” is precisely my problem with her: She has risen to the top of a white male supremacist/capitalist nation by drenching herself in…

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What Makes America the Greatest Country in the World?

I don’t know anymore…  We sure used to be… I have watched this video over – and – over again. These United States of America used to be the greatest country the world …

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8 Snow-Hardy Vegetables You (Really) Can Grow During Winter

8 Snow.hardy vegetables to grow in the winter.

How to Provide

Written by: Kristen Duever

8 Snow-Hardy Vegetables You (Really) Can Grow During Winter

Do you ever feel like having some garden fresh vegetables, but then realize it is November? It may cheer you to know there are some vegetables that can survive winter’s grasp. You can’t just leave the crops open to the elements, however, and you do need to plan and understand a little about winter gardening.

During the winter, organic gardening is still the best option for healthy crops. Plants are under a lot of stress in these cold months. Of course, they will still need good soil and good compost.

If you live in a cold climate, winter vegetables need to be planted by mid-August so a root system can be developed before everything gets cold and frozen, but if you live in a warmer region, you can plant later. Hoop houses or cold frames help protect the crops from the deep freezes. Guard and insulate…

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Why Barack Hussein Obama Was/Is A Disappointment

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The Best Democracy Money Can Buy — Watch it for FREE until 2AM on Election Night | Greg Palast

The best democracy Money can buy!


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