On the home-front….

Hello everybody!

I have to apologize to everyone for my sporadic writings this year. Spring started out great with beautiful weather and unusually high temperatures. We planted garlic last fall. We had a bumper crop of garlic this spring. Our mini green house was in a sorry state. I tried to give it a good wash inside and out. I was ready to repaint it. We were hoping the celery had survived the winter inside it, but we soon discovered that it died. Hubby began weeding inside it and as he held the corner board for support it just crumbled in his hand. He began examining  the wooden frame of the mini green-house to see what boards might need replacing. He soon discovered it was in such a sorry state he ended up dismantling  it. He saved the window frames, but the rest he burned. I guess it just some how set the mood for the season. I had another health relapse shortly after, but luckily it’s high intensity was short-lived. I just felt that I was not up for this year garden season.

We discussed it and decided to let our garden rest this year. The bible says the land should rest every seven years. This is our 6th year with our garden. We decided that was close enough.We needed a well deserved  rest as well.

We have been deliberating for a year now whether to move closer to a town with a hospital. We have been  looking for a house or apartment that whole time.  We have not found what we are looking for as of yet. Meanwhile we are down scaling our garden to a more manageable size. One of the reason we did not rebuild the mini green house.We thought if we found a new place and moved. Then we would not be here for the harvest. I though I would post and share information I was researching about health issues. I would post pictures on planting and harvesting our winter garden or I would be posting pictures o our new residence.

The summer just flew by for us. Our strawberries plants went absolutely crazy this year. My sweet husband decided after a couple of weeks of eating strawberries, that he burnt out on strawberries. I do not understand how anyone could get tired of strawberries myself.

I made freezer jellies again and jams. I froze them whole on cookie sheets and then bagged them for the freezer. We ate them every day for weeks. Hubby laughed at me, because I could not get enough of them. I gave away the rest to our neighbors.  My neighbors asked me, do you have any left for yourselves? I laughed and said We are not able to eat all the strawberries that I have already froze or canned  this year. I  will be giving some as gifts to friends and family.

It was so hot during the day, that I canned after 10 pm to escape the heat. That was in early July. Picking and Preserving the strawberries was too much for me even with my husbands help. We discussed planting a winter garden in July , we decided against it.

You know that saying when it rains it pours. Unfortunately sometimes it is a fricken monsoon. We had a tough year this year with one crisis after another…. if that wasn’t enough then our son tragically died….  Simultaneously I finally received a  medical diagnoses for what has ailed me, while grieving for our son….Now we begin the journey of scans, operation… I have had difficulty writing because of it. We had worried for some time if I had an early onset of Alzheimer disease. Thank God we were wrong. I am now on the journey to recovery.That is why I have not written many post only have done re-blogs. It has taken me 4 months to write this post. I had difficulty writing coherently.  Fear, Frustration and pride inhibited me from asking for help.  Hang in there with me. I will eventually get back to my garden.

Gardening will take a back burner for a while. I will be posting on Environment, politics, health and cooking…

Have a Happy Halloween everyone!








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  1. Oh Honey! I am sorry to hear of your trials and tragic loss. I am the mother of two fine young men, and I cannot begin to contemplate your loss and sadness. I don’t believe the saying ‘Time heals all wounds’ is correct, but I think that time helps you come to terms with changes in life. Sending you hugs from the other side of the planet and hoping these help. I look forward to reading your blogs when you have time and strength. I too should get back to my blog which has been long neglected 😀 Take care.

  2. Dear honey, I am sending you love and hugs. So much loss and sorrow to bear. I will keep you in my thoughts and look forward to your posts. ❤

  3. What a distressing year you’ve had, Honey.

    I cannot begin to imagine your pain at losing your son. I hope at least you will soon be in robust health yourself. Perhaps downsizing and moving closer to a town would be a good idea. x

  4. Dear Honey, I pray that you can find the strength to bear the terrible, terrible pain of your tragic loss. My heart goes out to you both. I am so, so sorry and will light a candle for your dear boy this evening.
    Words can not convey how sorry I am .
    With love, Karen x

    • Thank you so much Karen.We still can’t believe it that it is true. I was going through a cook book yesterday and found a hand written Recipe that my son wrote when he was in 3rd grade. It brought back so many memories. I was flooded with happy childhood memories of him. He loved to cook with me. I always cooked special holiday dishes and baked a lot during the holidays. He loved cooking too. I have so many recipes he wrote down for us to try. I miss him every day.
      with Love Honey

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