Two years and counting!


It finally feels like winter here. It has been long-awaited.  I was beginning to wonder if winter would ever come. We have had a pause between snow storm the last 2 days. Coco, our 3-year-old dog, has been beside herself to see sunshine. She makes me laugh watching her outside. She absolutely loves sliding on the snow and ice. Clear skies bring even colder temperatures. The high today was -13 C. You can see the dark snow filled clouds in the distance in the picture above. Hubby took this photo next to the cattle barn which over looks the valley below


He turned slightly to his left from the barn and shot a photo of our snow-covered road.


Our Poly-tunnel miraculously stayed in place despite the barrage of storms since Christmas. You can see the piles of snow the tractor has moved to clear the drive way. Today marks the two-year anniversary of our journey on my Blog ( I am amazed on how much I have improved on my computer skills by learning how to make a Blog. I had the pleasure of meeting all of you. My blog has had 5,616 views and 2,292 visitors in just 2 years. I have all of you to thank for that.

I have learned  so much about gardening, the environment and more. You can see that our garden in the picture below sleeps covered in a perfect white blanket of snow. We actually enjoying the sabbatical  from gardening. We discuss our failures and triumphs in the garden and  dream up our plans for next years garden. Believe or not there still are carrots hidden under the snow that we dig up as needed.


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  1. Happy Blogiversary!

  2. I love that there are carrots under that blanket of snow. 😀

  3. Hi Honey… WHY didn’t you tell me you wanted snow??… I would have been happy to send you some…. We are FINALLY going to have temps above zero today… YAHOOOOO….

    Beautiful photos… I bet the pups are loving it…

    • I have to say that naturally I expect snow in Sweden in the winter time. I love a white Christmas.I like our house nice and warm and cozy in the winter.It is our refuge from the cold outside. I bought a nice comforter for our bed for Christmas.Our old one is 16 years old and better left for a summer comforter. My husband woke up Monday before 6 am freezing in bed. He said that I laid in bed wrapped snugly in our new comforter. He said his teeth were chattering and his body was shivering.It is not unusual for him to kick off his covered in the night. He throws them off on me. He went to the bathroom after he put coffee on and let the dogs out. He was not quite a wake, when he realized the house was freezing. He wakes me up saying that all the heaters are ice cold. The furnace turned off in the night.

      I was sound asleep tucked in under the covers when hubby woke me up. He asked me where is the bags of dried wood? I reminded him they were in the cellar…I pulled back the covers to discover just how cold it was inside. I called the landlord who told me that he was in the furnace room now. He had just restarted the fire. Our landlord sounded miserable. Th poor man was sick with the flu.I thanked him and told him to take care of himself.
      Hubby’s feet were like ice cubes. I heated up our heating bag in the microwave and put it on his feet as he sat on the sofa.I put covers on us to keep us warm. Dixie and Coco were also complaining about the cold.Dixie jumped on the sofa and dove under the covers. She growled at Coco when she came near the sofa. I took the heating bag and put it on Dixie’s back. I swear she growled which sounded like she was chastising us. Then she moaned in delight as the warmth spread across her body. She was snoring loudly with in 3 minutes. We were giggling at her. She just turned 12. The cold seems to give her aches and pains.
      I reheated the heating bag the whole family jumped in bed. We all cuddled up with the heating bag under the covers and slept. When we woke up a couple of hours later.The heaters were luke- warm. It took 6 hours for the house to warm up.

      It sounds like you have had a long snowy winter and are longing for the warmth of spring. I am glad that you are getting temperatures in the plus degrees.Keep warm!

  4. I almost forgot… Happy Anniversary! 🙂

  5. Wow … What an ordeal…. I know how ya feel as I have been there done that… I always have lots of candles on hand… When the heat goes out, several lit candles in a small room will keep ya toasty!… and cheap too…

    • Thanks for the tip but I use candles as well to heat up the house.There are little candles in aluminum tins that are called warm candles.We can buy them from IKEA here. They are made to generate heat and will burn up to 8 hours. When temperatures drop to -15, I often light candles to take the chill out of the room. It is easier than lighting a fire in the wood burner. We have a wood-burning stove in the kitchen and a ceramic heater in the living room that we use for heat in these circumstances.Even though it takes time to reheat the house. We both are still feeling the chill in our bones.

      I hope you stay warm and toasty, because I read the USA is going to get slammed by bad weather.They are expecting record snow.

  6. Nothing better on a cold morning than cuddling with your Honey…

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