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The Impact of Meat Production on The Environment Part 1

This post brings up, The Impact of Meat Production On The Environment. I think how we farm makes a difference. The amount we farm that is thrown away every year. I believe the solutions are even more complex. I like that he sparked discussions on this subject.

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The Impact of Meat Production on

The Environment

Courtesy and Credit :

Mr.Prashant Parikh, Georgia Institute of Technology

 Part 1

Introduction to the Problem

As responsible citizens of the 21st century, there is no doubt in our minds, that despite all the speculations floating around, global warming is a real phenomenon, and needs to be addressed very seriously.

Our Atmosphere is comprised of several gases; nitrogen being the most plentiful, followed by oxygen , argon and carbon dioxide (by atmospheric volumes: 78.01%, 20.9%, 0.9% and 0.039% respectively). There are also several trace molecules which make up the air.

Global warming is caused due to the greenhouse effect. For a perfect black body, the incoming radiation of the sun would be equal to the outgoing radiation from the earth, but due to the greenhouse effect, some of the heat energy of the sun gets trapped in our atmosphere due to the…

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Why Obama bans microbeads_ The question should also be why the FDA approved them in the first place.

Mavin Lifestyle

If you’ve seen my tooth paste picture on instagram then you’ll know that I’ve made the switch from Crest 3D white tooth paste which has the micro beads, to now Colgate Optic White. My dentist told me on a recent visit to make the switch because she was finding micro beads in my mouth. Turns out after talking to my godmother who is also a hygienist filled me in on what the “talk” is all about.

optic whiteIt turns out that not only in tooth paste but products like exfoliants that have these tiny micro beads in them are going into our ocean and fish are eating them because our filter system can’t strain them. Now they are outlawed in the USA.

“a study published in Environmental Science & Technology reported that more than 8 trillion microbeads were entering the country’s aquatic habitats daily. The volume was enough to coat the…

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