National Bicarbonate of Soda Day

Bicarbonate sodas many uses

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Bicarbonate of Soda with a wooden spoon In the Food section of the New York Times, they printed an article in May of 2007 entitled, “Having a Snack? Make It a Holiday,” and in that article they wrote that December 31st is, “National Bicarbonate of Soda Day” (The New York Times).

That same article stated that the United States has over 175 days related to awareness of food and drink. According to The Wall Street Journal, none of the food days in the United States are federal holidays.

Since today has been dedicated to baking soda, another name for bicarbonate of soda, let’s examine the many uses for the fine white powder.

Baking soda used to keep fridge order freeThe Many Uses Of Bicarbonate of Soda

We all know the principle use for bicarbonate of soda, that is using for baking. Another is placing a 8 to 16 ounce box of it in the refrigerator to absorb odors, and is replace about every…

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  1. Thanks Honey for your interest in the article and for reblogging it!!

    • I use bicarbonate soda on a number of things, but I learned a few more uses thanks to this post.

      • I actually did too Honey – as I researched information to make this post!! I have always used it in the wash in place of bleach. As bleach can eat away at the fabrics over time, specially the whites 😦 – I didn’t know it could make garbage disposal smell better or clear up clogs. I use it the other night like a scaring pad, and it did not scratch as a scarring pad can sometimes.

        I learned another secret by accident last week. Tomato paste or sauce fell on to one of my copper bottom pots and it sat there for awhile until I noticed, and the spot was cleaned!! I guess the acid in the tomato works just as good as a copper cleaner!!

        Have a good Sunday night Honey and a good week ahead!!

      • I heard to use ketchup to clean copper pots. It did not work well.I will have to try tomato paste.Thanks for that tip.Have a nice weekend too.

      • Ketchup has sugar or corn syrup it – paste is plan tomato 👍🏼 – P.S. Did you get my communication to your in box? I sent it a week ago. 😃 – Have a great weekend Honey 💫

      • I can see where the sugar in ketchup would hinder it from cleaning the copper properly. I will have to buy some tomato paste and try it.

        We have had snow storm for three days outside. We had snow and ice already on the ground when this storm came. It is light powdered snow. I am sure ski slopes are fully of happy skiers right now.Everything is flocked white. It is absolutely gorgeous outside. There are so many big fluffy flakes. It is like being in a snow globe.I just came in from playing with the dogs.I fed to birds who are cleaning out my bird feeders. Hubby was cleaning a pathway.The roads are treacherous.We are stocked up and warm. We are just enjoying the weather.

        I did get your mail. I answered it last night.I have been down because of technical difficulties.I am slowing getting back up on my blog. Have a great Weekend too

  2. SB is a wonder substance in my opinion. I just need to find a source which is cheaper and more accessible than any I have at present.

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