Celery Harvest


It has been long over due, but we finally harvested the celery.We had sorely neglected the Celery. I had not been watering it or fertilize it for some time. We have had a week of frost. We are lucky that it survived such neglect on my part. We sorted through it all and discarded any damaged celery. We cut it into sizes that would allow it to fit into our sink. I washed it 3 times in a vinegar water solution. We put it in my dish drying rack to dry.


We froze the choice celery to slice and placed them in bags for cooking.  The rest we sliced in one inch section and placed it in the deyhydrator. I figured it would fall through the dehyrator as it dried, if I made it in smaller pieces. We dried it for a couple of days.


Then I took garlic bulbs and cut the root off and pulled the leaves off the cloves. I placed them in the dehydrator to dry. It took a couple of days to dry. We put the dried garlic and celery into the food processor to pulverized them. I will say it took longer than you would think to pulverize them, but that can be because of my food processor is very old. Then we pour Himalayan salt into the powder. We put it in a jar and now we can use it as seasoning. The flavor is amazing.

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  1. Your celery looks so young and tender, not at all like what we get in the U.S.

    • Celery is a slow growing plant and our growing season in Sweden is short. I cut the celery above the root and left the roots to overwinter in my mini greenhouse. I hope they survive the winter. It should give the plants a head start and allow them to fully mature. That is my hope at least. It will be interesting to see what happens next year.

  2. Fantastic celery crop. Great that you make your own celery salt?

    • It was an experiment. We had more celery that we needed. I almost gave up that my machine would pulverize it. Hubby came in and took over for me. It looks like store bought spice. I enjoy trying new things so that nothing goes to waste. We were pleased with the results.

  3. Love your spirit of gardening adventure/experimentation!

  4. i cried out when I saw this post! Look at all your celery! It is amazing! I have never grown any and am so excited about you turning it into a seasoning. Awesome!

    • Hi Karen,
      You are too kind. I just didn’t want it to go to waste. We usually give excess away. I just thought dehydrating it and making it into a spice was worth trying. It is a space saver as well. It frees up a lot of freezer space.I enjoy finding different ways to preserve vegetables and spice that we grow. I am trying to grow enough garlic next year, that I could make my own garlic powder.We have planted garlic in the fall for next spring already.

  5. I had never, ever, heard of a dehydrator! I must look into this. I do know that people dry things in the warming oven of a Rayburn or Aga.

    • My dehydrator was a gift from a neighbor. It has 5 drying racks in it. My machine is quite affordable. They run from 200-500 kronor. There are more deluxe models that have a fan in them and they have removable liners for the drying racks, which have multiple uses.It prevents the thing some of the small items that you are drying from falling through the trays.The liners are not necessary for most items that you dry. I wish my dehydrator had them. I would make fruit rolls if I had the liners. I have not checked if you can buy them separately. Our dehydrator is more than enough for our needs.

      I dehydrate fruit,spices,herbs and even mushrooms. I use the trays and don’t even turn on the machine when drying mint leaves. It is a great space saver on my counters. It was a great gift idea for us.

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