Halloween is near!


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  1. Love, love, LOVE this Honey!

    • We have planned a trip to Gothenberg to celebrate Halloween at Sweden’s second largest amusement park
      (Liseberg) this year.They are having 3 different haunted houses. We are getting dressed up and costumes and partying with friends.We are going all out with make up instead of mask. Here is there website http://liseberg.com/en/home/Amusement-Park/Halloween/

      • Oh Honey, I checked it out and it sounds amazing! Wish I could come, although…..I am easily frightened!!
        Will you be copying the cats eyes for your make up ? And will you hire costumes?

      • I wish that you could come too. We would have a blast. I am easily frighten too. That is what makes it fun….We are making our costumes. I plan to have scary make up that is more intricate.We love Halloween. We go all out.It has been a couple of years since we celebrated it. We are a little rusty on making costumes.We have had organized haunted houses ourselves. It will fun to enjoy someone elses work. It is fun using your imagination to create a costume.I have my work cut out for me to get it done in time. We are going to do the make up before Halloween to test the look. I want to know how long it will take to do the make up. The last time I did Hubby’s Halloween make up it took hours.It came out fantastic. I did friends make up and Then I had very little time to do mine. I want enough time to do mine properly.

      • Yes Honey. Make this the year when you get your look perfectly right. I can only imagine the amount of work it takes to complete your costume and make up. I am having a few friends round for a Halloween supper this year, but I think we English are not as creative as we might be at getting into the swing of things. I will do carved pumpkins and a meal, but the forecast here is for rain so I dont think I will be able to do the bonfire and some fireworks. Maybe I should order an old scary movie????

      • Hi Karen,
        Halloween is only been in Sweden the last 15-20 years. It is a Holiday that either you love it or you hate it. It has caught on in Gothenberg.

        I finished my costume today. I have been practicing my make up. I divided my face in half and painted it two different ways. My dogs freaked out and won’t come near me. My husband was a asleep while I was playing with my make up. He was shocked when he walked in the living room. He said do both they look cool. I had wanted him to choose one but he insisted that both of them work together.

        I have my costume ready. We will do the finishing touch on Hubby’s costume tomorrow. It is great fun to use your imagination and creativity. I bet you would surprise yourself on how much fun it is to make your costume.

        I hope that you have a really nice dinner with your friends. Scary movie sounds good to me. That is what our how we have celebrated the last couple of Halloween.

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