It’s time to harvest our crop.


The potatoes were huge.


We picked all the tomatoes, bell pepper, cantaloupe and pulled the plants and composted them. Unfortunately most of the tomatoes are varying shades of green. I will put them in window sill and paper bags. I am dehydrating some to make sun-dried tomatoes. We are talking about making fried green tomatoes tomorrow. I have never eaten them, but have been told they are delicious. The cantalope were pretty to look out but unripe. We composted them. We are airing out the poly tunnel. We cleaned out our storage room.

We need to hang it in the attic for the season in the next couple of days that is weather permitting. We need to harvest the celery. Clean the mini green house inside and out. It is filthy. Then we need to lay hay around the roots of the celery. I will have to wait until spring to see if they have survived. Then I can place my ceramic pots that contain my spices in it to protect them from harsh weather.  We have had frost 3 days in a row. We need to clean,dry and store our garden furniture. The grass looks like it needs one more grass cutting for the season. We should be pretty much set for the winter.

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  1. Hope you have fair weather to get all your jobs finished for winter the potatoes looked great ,all my tomatoes got the blight and went black early on ,I don’t think I have the right space to grow them ,,good luck

    • I am sorry to hear that blight killed your potatoes. We have been fortunate that we haven’t seen blight in our area. If you don’t have the space you should try growing them in above ground in a cage like we did. It take less work, space and fewer plants but larger harvest.

  2. Well done Honey! And yes, fried green tomatoes are lovely. But my favourite thing to make with them is chutney, they make the BEST chutney ever!

    • Oh thanks for reminding me about Chutney. I have still not tried it.I guess I could make some and see how we like it.

      • Chutney making is quite arduous if you are not sure if you are going to like it. I think if I remember correctly, I made the fried tomatoes and got very excited about the idea and made a special dressing for them, but…..then found them a like lacklustre in flavour. If you find a good recipe please share!

  3. Nice article and very nice potato garden. That earth looks so rich. I bet it smells good 😜

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