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I have written a lot about our feeding birds and about the bird houses all over the farm. I love the bird’s song and bird watching. Last week my husband was washing dishes and a little bird peeked in at him through the kitchen window. The bird was perched on the Ivy vine that is climbing the back of the house. It came in the window sill and sang to him.

He was very moved by this special visit. We feed the birds from late fall until spring when hatchling have left their nests. When our feeders are empty, the birds thump their bodies against the windows to let us know the feeders need to be refilled.The first couple of times they did this we thought it was a fluke occurrence,but we soon realized it was intentional. He interpreted this visit as reminder that it was time to set out the bird feeders.

We do cover the strawberry plants with nets. We have so many birds that they would devour the strawberry patch in nothing flat. We do have a pear tree in our garden spot. We leave it for the birds ,moose and deer. When the fruit is ripe they take no time to pick it clean, in no time at all.

This article has given me food for thought. I guess we will be planting sunflowers in the garden for the birds next year. I will have to make a water feature for our frogs and birds.

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  1. I love this approach and often though it myself, my only problem is have too cats. I would surly be a bit cruel to tempt them to their death!

    • You could put a bell around your cats necks so that the birds could hear them trying to stalk them.I watched Bones and a woman suggested this on the show as a solution to protect birds that was a simple fix cat owners could do.I hope that you find this helpful.

      • Cheers they won’t put up with a collar, we have tried. I will keep on working on it though 🙂

  2. What a beautifully written and poignant story of the connection between you both and the wildlife around you. I think the interaction between us and the animal and bird kingdom enriches our lives beyond measure.
    Yes, build a pond! I did and I have frogs and newts everywhere now. When I meet one in the garden I feel the luckiest person in the world!

    • Hi karen,
      I replied to your comment and my computer ate it. I will try one more time.I know what you mean that finding frogs, lizards in your garden is amazing. It makes you feel like you are doing something right that they are thriving in your garden. You have such a beautiful garden that reminds me of “the secret garden”. We will see what next spring inspires us to create.

  3. I grow wild sunflowers and leave the dried plants in the ground through the fall and winter for the birds to feed on the seeds

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