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California land mass sinking at record rate as farmers desperately drill new wells to use up ground water

The state of affairs in California’s drought….

The Citizen Media

(NaturalNews) The days of abundant water are a distant memory for farmers in California. For the Central Valley, the wells are about to run dry.

California’s Central Valley is now reportedly sinking at a rate never seen during the state’s historic drought, and farmers are shouldering part of the blame as they continue to pump the land dry in an effort to keep their businesses afloat.

Steve Arthur of Arthur & Orum Well Drilling is drilling wells as fast as his rig will allow him. The demand has been insatiable, and waiting lists as long as 18 months have developed during the state’s drought. Some farmers are willing to pay two or three times the price of a regular well by contracting people out of state. This clearly illustrates the desperation of the current water situation as farmers become willing to do almost anything to tap into an available water…

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ArtVenture: Give a voice to the voiceless

Who do you speak for?

The Giant Peach Project

Inspired by Jackie Summell, create a work of art gives voice to the voiceless.

Remember in Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, whe the Lorax said “I speak for the trees…” when fighting for deforestation of the Truffula forest? Children’s books are not trivial; this story has inspired young environmentalists for generations and is read aloud at many earth day celebrations.

Who do you feel has no voice? Who’s stories are untold in history books or in debates about contemporary issues? Who is unable to speak for themselves?

In the arts, people relish in experiencing fresh stories and perspectives, making it a great place to share unheard voices and maybe explore dangerous ideas. Who do you speak for?

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Up to 90% of world’s electronic waste is illegally dumped, says UN

90% of electronic waste is illegally dumped..


PCs and smartphones adding to ‘e-waste mountain’ that could reach 50m tonnes by 2017, much of it dumped and traded in developing countries, reports BusinessGreen

Up to 90% of the world’s electronic waste, worth nearly $19bn, is illegally traded or dumped each year, according to the UN Environment Programme (Unep).

Computers and smart phones are among the ditched items contributing to this 41m tonne e-waste mountain, which could top 50m tonnes by 2017, Unep says in a new report launched today in Geneva.

Continue reading… via Guardian Environment Network | The Guardian http://ift.tt/1zXlt1S

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The Big Picture: Help Families Work with Robert Reich

Help workers …

Monsanto’s Losing Battle Against GMO Labeling

We have power in our purchases to affect the market and politics. We just need to use it. …

Obama Loses Senate Vote on TPP(A)

TTPA loses senate vote…

The Most Revolutionary Act

tppa protest

Wellington anti-TPPA protest Nov 2014

Yet another victory for our side. The tide seems to be turning against corporate America.

Today the Guardian reported that Tuesday’s 52-45 senate vote shut down further discussion of the Transpacific Partnership Agreement. Owing to the threat of filibuster, this procedural vote required at least 60 “ayes” in order to let the Senate host discussions on whether or not to give the president “fast track” authority.* Failure to reach that threshold puts the future of the TPP(A) in jeopardy.

The proposal was defeated by Democrats wanting to add measures to protect US workers and prevent currency manipulation.

Most analysts agree that the eleven other countries negotiating TPP(A) are unlikely to agree to the treaty unless they know the US Senate will approve it without modification.

Many also believe the setback spells an end to any chance the US will sign up to the TPP(A) before…

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