I apologize for my long absence

I am sorry for my long absence but I am still having health issues. I just passed my one year mark. I have had strange side effect from the medications they have given me. I learned a new term  Brain Fog. I have had bouts of confusion, memory problems… I first thought it was menopause. I got where I started calling them brain farts. They say woman can experience this during menopause.  I told my husband it is like waking up from surgery when the sedation is wearing off. Things get fuzzy and confused. He noticed the symptoms and I could sometimes feel the attack coming on.

I was feeling like…


Then the doctor explained this is a rare side effect. She prescribed another round of new medications. Hubby sent me these funny posts to make light of the new side effects. We both needed a laugh.



The new side effects were personality changes and mood swings. Hubby must have felt like he was living with Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde. I have been feeling like human guinea pig. I have tried a series of medicines that caused spasm and cramps, hair loss, itching,loss of balance,dizziness… My body and soul are wore out. I am hanging in there.





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  1. Hope this clears up for you…. Is there something that Mercola or Green Med Info could support you with?… Gosh, I hate hearing that anyone is enduring such …. please take care of yourself!…

    What you describe sounds EXACTLY like the heavy metals poisoning that I endured….. Please check into it, maybe some consistent metal detox would improve your physical health…Just a thought…. Lotsa Love…Deb

    • Thank you Deb for your concerns. I have been reading a lot of material from Mercola’s sites, green med and randys site as well. I am now trying Magnesium suppliments… I am taking a pause from the medications to rest my body. My doctor doesn’t know what to give me right now. She is researching what she want to try next.
      Heavy metal poisoning is something that I will look into thank you for the tip.

  2. You have been very missed Honey and I am greatly relieved to hear from you. My heart goes out to you struggling, as you are with so many health issues and difficulties caused by medication.
    I had to smile as the little posts which hubby found for you. You have a good man there who searches for ways to make you smile when things are tough. And it has been tough for you for sometime now.
    I send you all my good wishes and wish you strength and courage to keep fighting through.
    I have missed you!

    • Thank you Karen for your friendship and concern.I am sorry that I just disappeared for a while.I am very lucky to have such a loving, romantic and supportive husband. I love that he makes me laugh even in the difficult times. He is my rock.I can’t imagine my life with out him.

      Thanks for all the good wishes. I sure could use them.
      I missed you too!

      • One of the downsides of making such strong connections and friendships with people we find we care so much about is that if one or the other stops posting, there is little we can do. When I first started blogging, someone spotted my posts and nominated me for a Liebster Award. Then suddenly, he took his blog down and totally disappeared. I and others were so distressed, because we could do nothing. In the way that we actually give far more away about ourselves than we actually say, just by writing, I felt that he was a vulnerable person and may have suffered an illness or breakdown. And there was nothing I could do. I so don’t want that to happen between us.
        Please take care Honey.

      • I am sorry to hear about you losing a friend like that. I guess that you didn’t have email contact information so that you could check on him or still keep in touch despite him shutting down his site. I hope that he is alright.

        I promise that I would write to inform everyone before I shut down my site.


  3. I had been worried about you, Honey, not having heard from you for a long time. I’m sorry you’ve been having such awful side effects from the medication – bad enough that you are ill in the first place 😦

    Great that your husband is trying to keep you cheerful with the witty cartoons.

    • Thank you for your Concerns Helen.It is nice to be missed.

      I am going today to meet with an aquaintance, who has similiar illness, to discuss our feeling and experiences.I think it will be just what we both need. I have been sick with this bout for a year and she has been sick for 3 years.I think both of us will benefit from this new friendship and support.
      I sent her links to read about Probiotics,Magnesium deficiencies and much more.

      I hope you and your daughter are well.


      • We are fine, thank you – apart from something like eczema on the palm of my hands. So, I too have been looking into nutrition as a source of improvement!

        I hope you enjoy your time with your new acquaintance as well as learn from each other 🙂

      • Hi Helen,

        I am hope the eczema clears up quickly. I hope it is not itchy.

        I had a great afternoon. I brought the woman, Angelica, and her mother to my home to show them where we live. They fell in love with the place. Angelica called it your little slice of heaven. I laughed to myself, because she does not know about this blog and yet that is what she named our home. We walked around our vegetable patch, flower beds and showed her our home. Then we walked to the boat dock and swimming hole.They fell in love with the place. I have made two lovely ladies that I am sure we will be visiting more often.

      • Great minds think alike (re the name of your blog!).

        The eczema is unfortunately itchy but it’s a minor inconvenience in comparison with what you’ve got….

      • I am eating the Probiotic foods, magnesium suppliments…I am doing what I can to try and improve my health. I am having tests run…I hope the doctors can figure out what works for my body. I try not to complain. I just try and work around it the best that I can.Today was a good day. I am thankful for good days. I guess that is why I like the saying.
        “Take care of your body, because where else are you going to live”.
        That truth rung loud and clear for me.
        Have a nice evening!

      • I hope the doctors find a good path for you, Honey, and thank you. It is great now the evenings are warm and light. Making nettle cordial and sorting out my bokashi bin, all with the back door open 🙂

      • Nettles are suppose to have a ton of vitamins and minerals. I hope you write the recipe. I have been told to dry the nettles to use as tea to aide in my digestion and it is packed full of magnesium… We don’t have warm evening yet, but it gives me something to look forward to.

      • If you click on the link in my post ‘First forage’, that takes you to the recipe I used (except that I didn’t leave the nettles to stew for as many days as it recommends). I tastes great anyway – and yes, I’ve learned that nettles are very nutritious. They have quite a high magnesium content, as you said, as well as iron, calcium and vitamin A. I’d definitely encourage you try the tea 🙂

      • I know nettle soup was once a spring tonic for Swedish people. I just have never tried it. I have asked people who have and they said it taste like spinach. I love spinach. Then I heard that you can also drink as tea.Thank you for the link to the recipe. Spring time is the best time to harvest the plants because the leaves are soft and tender is what I am told. That is for the soup.It does not matter if you are making tea out of it.

      • Yes, that is what I’ve heard, too. I think the leaves need to be tender for the cordial, too.

        To me, the nettle leaves taste a bit like lettuce in soup. I prefer the cordial taste, though. Maybe nettles go better with sugar?!

      • I do not know how either of them taste but I am curious to find out.

      • Nettle in my opinion is not an unusual taste – but not exactly like anything else I’ve tasted. I hope you can try some…. We can buy ready made nettle tea here, so I would have thought it was available in Sweden.

      • I know that you can order nettle tea from the web here. I am so frugal that I would perfer to pick my own from the wild.I know then there are no chemicals and it is for free. I will need to be looking for nettle patches.

      • Thank sounds a plan 🙂

  4. HI Honey
    So glad you are back and doing well. I have missed you. Looking forward to more from you!

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