AMISH – Amish Children Do Not Get Vaccinations or Autism

AMISH – Amish Children Do Not Get Vaccinations or Autism.


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  1. I haven’t read the article so this comment is based on my current understanding of the Amish and autism respectively. Autism can be hereditary so it is possible they don’t have any in the Amish gene pool. It is also possible that people with autistic tendencies would not be attracted to the Amish lifestyle.

    Undoubtedly there are issues with vaccinations but there are issues with the horrible illnesses they are trying to prevent. Not sure I would want TB or Pertussis, for example.

    • I think that is a misunderstanding a lot of people have about parents, who actively involved in the vaccine debate. Obviously most parents were not against vaccines, because their children have complications from their vaccines. I think that it is a saftey issue. Autism epidemic phenomen is realitively new. Vaccines have been around for quite some time and without the autism epidemic. Then the vaccines changed and a large range of side effects resulted.

      FDA and drug companies attacked the mothers that rang the alarm bells.The woman were character asassinated (hysterical,paranoid, muchausen disease, radicals..). The FDA and drug companies have not been held accountable for the harm these children and their families have suffered.The drug companies have not offered an alternative to test for those suseptiable to the sideaffects. There is no alternative vaccine that does not have these side effects. Why wasn’t the formula changed back to previous vaccines that did not give children autism? Common sense is the true issue and accountability.It is my humble opinion that forced vaccinations and PR stunts to propogate fear and hatred. It sounds like a modern version of the Salem witch hunts on the media in the USA. It is more than alarming. It is a good issue to discuss on Woman’s day.

      • Ah yes, it is International Women’s Day!

        Yes, vaccinations are certainly a good issue to discuss – so many permutations. I still haven’t read the article to comment on that but in the UK there are no forced vaccinations, though inevitably there are those who call parents who decline selfish etc.

      • The article is pointing out that Amish children have not had rampid rise in Autism in their communities. The article raises questions to substantiate the need for reveiw of vaccinations and immunizations policies.
        Happy International Women’s Day! I do not know if the vaccines given to children are from the same pharmasuetical companies in the states that are under scrutiny. Think of the Aide sent to Africa in form of vaccinations. Many African countries do not have the infrastructure to meet these childrens needs. It is a multi- faceted dilemma.

      • Yes, it’s not one I know huge amounts about but I have great suspicion re pharmaceutical companies in a general sense.

      • I agrees with you on your suspicions.

      • Happy Women’s Day, Honey!

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