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Valentine’s Day

Last Sunday was Valentine’s Day and we decided to travel to the big city and go out for lunch. We had a nice drive there talking and listening to music. We  had a romantic lunch at a nice restaurant…

We stopped on our way home at a grocery store in a village that we rarely shop. I noticed a man with a small child walking around the store. He looked like he could not find something, but they caught my attention.  I stood in line with one woman a head of me at the check outline. The dark-haired olive-skinned man, who I had seen earlier, walked up with his young daughter and said, ” bathroom key”? The cashier said loudly with a rude voice.” Wait, I am busy”! The cashier and the female customer ahead of me were obviously friends. They were chatting and catching up. They were just rudely ignoring the man and the child.  The little girl was so short the cashier maybe couldn’t see her holding her father’s hand. I know that she just glanced in his direction before she dismissed him. I figured the child was just old enough to have started being potty trained. The man asked politely again for the bathroom key. I doubt his Swedish language skills allowed him to communicate much more than that. The woman snapped WAIT I AM BUSY! I was getting angry at her. I said to them politely that he has a young toddler with him that can not wait on you to go to the bathroom. The female customer that the cashier was waiting on looked at the child then the father for the first time. They were standing right next to her. She then asked the cashier where was  the key? The cashier pointed at the register beside her, which was behind her friend. The female customer leaned over the counter and gave the key to the man.

The cashier got very red and flustered after that. She incorrectly rang up her friend’s groceries. She had an even harder time fixing her mistake, because she was so flustered. God forgive me, but I thought at least she had enough good sense to be embarrassed of her atrocious behavior.

Valentin’s day is supposed to be a day of celebrating  love, but where was simple courtesy and kindness?  I guess that it was too much to reach over a counterfor a bathroom key so that  a little immigrant child could use the bathroom before she soiled herself. All they saw was an olive-skinned dark-haired man. An immigrant who wasn’t worth their attention nor courtesy.

I did not raise my voice or swear nor show anger, but my voice was heard. I have written an email to the company headquarters to complain about it.



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