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6000% Increase in Cancer Rates at Fukushima Site

6000% increase in Cancer at Fukashima site.

Where is the world coverage on what affects Fukashima has on the worlds oceans and environmental affects? Is radioactive water still being dumped into our oceans? Where else would they dispose of it? What is being done to protect our drinking water? Why are we afraid to know the truth and act accordingly? Why are we not asking the tough question? Why don’t we write emails to news channels, governments, political parties, environmental parties… to voice out opinion.

I remember as a child learning about nuclear energy. I questioned the teacher about nuclear waste. It made no sense to me. Why make something so poisonous that you have no technology to make it inert and develope a disposal method? I remember being told that it was too complicated for me to understand. The government knows what it is doing so trust that the grown ups know what they are doing.

Sweden taxed (energy tax) it’s people for years. Our government saying we were going to changed to renewable energies and close down our nuclear plants. Policies were made and time frame and schdule. We have passed the deadline. The decision was scraped without officially scraping the idea. Where did all that money go? We have gone through years now, where we hear one incident after another about problems at the nuclear plants. Emergency shut downs are ordered… These plants are in bad repair. They should be shut down as planned. The money was set aside with a deadline which we already passed. The Moderate party wanted to build new Nuclear plants. The Social Democrats ( Blocket) says they want to steer Sweden to a more environmentally sound policies.Why would you invest money in a more expensive and environmentally unsound Energy? Green energy is a fraction of the cost and is environmentally sound. It is Environmentally and fiscally sound to go green.

I hope that voters realize these costly decisions are being made now. Let your government know where you stand on the nuclear energy issue!


Mother nature speaks. A short film with a though provoking message.

The Citizen Media

Commercial illustrates narcissism of environmental movement

Image credits Youtube

CNN is airing a creepy anti-human PSA which features Julia Roberts as the voice of “Mother Nature” bragging about how she has “starved species greater than you.”

The commercial is the work of Conservation International, an environmental organization that has received criticism for its links with corporations such as BP, Cargill, Chevron, Monsanto and Shell. The company was also embarrassed when it fell for a prank in which reporters posed as representatives of an international arms dealer looking to improve their “green” profile.

The PSA is part of the group’s ‘Nature is Speaking’series, which also features the likes of Kevin Spacey, Robert Redford and Harrison Ford.

In the ad, the voice of “Mother Nature” sets itself up as adversarial to humans, noting, “I’ve been here for over four and a half billion years, 22,500 times longer than you, I don’t…

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