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  1. Great to read about an allopathic doctor moving over to homeopathy!

    • I was impressed that NHS had 5 hospitals practicing that kind of medicine. I just hope that the system keeps them going.

      • I know thing in NHS are pretty dismal. We have the same problems here. People here are protesting the cut backs.

      • Same here… The good news in a sense is that the ‘pilot’ NHS hospital run by a company has been handed back to the NHS as it found it too difficult. I don’t of course know what is going to happen at the next general election in May but it is all a bit of a mess which one way or another will probably not be sorted out.

      • I really pray that they make sound decisions for the patients best interest.

      • That is most unlikely!!

      • I know but we need to think outside the box on how to change the sytem. Personally I think it would be for a group of economist, physicans and nurses to come with a sound alternative. It is hard to advocate for change.

      • The situation is that the politicians don’t listen (here). As far as I can see, healthcare is policy driven (ie depends on the dogma of the individual parties) rather than societal need. In other words, there are plenty of people who think outside the box but they sadly have no power 😦

      • I realise that as well. We keep voting in people who do not meet societal needs. It is the same way here. It is too bad we can’t reboot the system like you do with a computer. The question is why can’t we do that?

        Why does the parliment(Swedish) give themselves raises every year when they open parliment? Shouldn’t we vote on that? Why not give them the same cost of living raises that Pensioneers, social service minimums, disability insurance minimums? If those benefits can’t get a cost of living raise then parliment should not either, because the government is not doing well enought to afford it. I think our parliment members should have the same exact medical, dental and health benefits and insurance as we do. Their wages, travel benefits… should be cut. Why is is that the people who they represent have all the austerity measures that affect only them? Why haven’t the cut backs affected parliment members and other government members salaries…?.They should get the same pension that the general public gets. Their pension should be in the same system as our is in because then our pension system would work better. ….
        If a hopsital chairman and board can’t make the budget work and give adequate pay they should be fired…. No parachute salaries should be allowed.

        Am I being anymore unrealistic than the founders of our our government were when they wrote our constitutions? I think these are the discussions we need to be having. We need to come up with ideas and find a way to impliment change, because it seems the politicians like thing just the way they are.
        I do not think our system has to be thrown away. It just needs to be restructured by the people so that it works properly. We should be able to do that. We have to start some where, if things continue like they have been doing. Can you tell that I am frustrated? Sorry I will get off my soap box now.

      • I like you comment in particular about politicians not getting rises if others can’t as they are not good enough!

      • I meant to say raises not rises. I just think that they will find the money if their paychecks raises are connected to the benefits of others. It gives them an incentive to do a good job and see that the system works properly.

      • No, rises is the noun for increases in money!

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