9 reasons buckwheat belongs in your garden


I have heard of ground cover and been thinking of what kind we should use. I think this sounds great. I am going to research this some more. Hubby liked the idea as well. If this could protect our cabbage,kale and broccoli from the moth larvae it would be fantastic.

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  1. That sounds really interesting.

    • I thought this was interesting as well. I now need to decide about plantin mustard seeds or buckwheat. I guess we could do both. One for spring and one in the fall. We will need to dicuss it. We are already discussing our garden for this year-

      • Yes, I am just about to get my seed box out and make a planting plan.
        Please remember….I will happily get you seed, I WANT to get you some seed if you will allow me to. I have to go to the place where I bought them before, anyway, because they do the best 150 denier, fleece tights, ever. let me know if you want some of those!

      • Hi Karen,
        We just had a major storm Hurricane winds with heavy snow. Hubby has been outside searching for our compost bins.. We were caught off guard and saw nothing on the news. When the winds were so loud that caught our attention, We dare not go out in the dark. We have a Class 2 warning and later class 1 have been put out in other areas. Tree have been knocked down, Bridges were shut down, trains, flights cancelled and flooding has been in other areas. It was a scary night.

        We had light damage, tree limbs knocked down, Our compost bins blown away and guttering being torn off the furnace shed. Finding it all was the difficult part because it is all covered by snow. He found the gutter by accident the dogs ran across it. He heard the clank and thought what in the world? He dug in the snow and found the guttering. That is what started him looking around to find our what was damaged. We have a lull in the weather, but we are expecting snow storms through till tuesday.
        I will speak to Hubby about seed shopping and write you an email

      • Oh Honey! What weather! Snow, you are used to…but those winds. It is so frightening.
        Be safe and take care and I am so sorry for the delay in replying. I have had no internet all day.
        ( I do hope you have electricity)

      • We were lucky because we had electricity the whole time. There are black outs in many areas through out the country. We were worried about flying debree breaking the windows. Then we were worried if the windows were strong enought to with stand the winds.The winds were so loud and sounded so eerie.

        We have had rain, snow, sleet and black ice on top of everything.It is dangerous driving outside.Walking outside is possible with cleets on your boots. I have not had to pull them out thus far this winter. It is gorgeous outside. Everything is flocked outside. Sound is muffled the woods are so tranquil and amazing.
        We have been plummeted with hurricanes more and more every year. The weather service is pretty good to give advance warnings. We put water in jugs for drinking,cooking and bathing. We check our emergency supplies. Then you batten down the hatches in and around the house. We were just caught off guard this time.I have been sick with a really bad flu and strep-throat. I am finally on the mend. I can talk again! The storm has dissapated quicker than planned. Today it looks like blue skies and cold temperatures.
        Our dog Dixie just turned Eleven years old. She got special treats to celebrate her big day. We have never done that before, but a medium size dog turning eleven is a big deal.She is healthy energetic considering her age.
        Has you had weather wiped out Electricity and internet in your area?

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