Upcycling or repurposing clothing or furniture a greener alternative.

We have been doing this for decades. I told hubby 5 years ago we are actually in fashion and think we were actually a head of the trend.That never happens. I refashioned kids clothing, but not adult clothing. I have introduced my friends and family to second-hand shopping. They became hooked. I usually buy second-hand clothing that had price tags still on them. No one had ever even worn them. I would make small repairs. We were waiting in line for a second-hand shop to open. All joking aside.

I am not happy with the clothing manufacturers choices of dyes, working conditions, wages.. This is my way of protesting and recycling and trying to change my consumerism.



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  1. Nearly all of my clothes are pre-loved and it has been that way for years. Lots of nice things that did’nt cost the earth!!

    • Hi Bridget,
      I am not surprised because you live such a green life style. I have found this really great site refashionist that I have been following. She re-designs second hand clothing for adults. I have gotten a lot of inspiration from her. I am pulling my old sew machine out and having fun with it.I am tryint to make a sewing manequin of my body form. It is inexpensive.

    • The woman site is called refashionista. She is on my blog roll.

  2. Good subject to bring up, Honey. I read an eye-opening book over five years ago and determined after that to shop more at charity shops. Alas, I have mostly so far failed but this year I plan to do something about that!

    • We shop at charity shops, second hand and go to auctions.You would be shocked at the bargains we have found. It also makes your pennies go farther. I found a kitchen aid machine and my sewing machine for pittance.
      We are looking to buy some old chairs to repupose into a patio bench right now.

      • Good luck with the chairs!

        Talking of sewing machines, I was reading another blog yesterday about finding one second hand!

      • It is not just buying better quality sewing machine. There are sites that tell you how to repair them and how to find manual if you do not get one when you buy your machine. I have bought one for 5 £ and another one for 15£.

        I will say that you have to have patience and learn where to bargain shop. Some places really mark up their items others don’t. Private shops you can hagel for a lower price or even trade items to get what you want.When you live on a tight budget it makes a huge difference for you.

      • Yes, I can see that. Anyway, good for you 🙂

  3. What is now fashionably called ‘up-cycling’, you and I have been doing for years. Most of my house is furnished that way and that is the way I like it. The quality and character and style of my decor could never be achieved with just new- it has no soul. It is also cheaper! A lot of people have a distaste for it though, happily, we don’t….and it is so much fun!

    • I have found that some people have a distaste for it as well. When they see the bargains that you find, a lot of them rethink their opinions. My brother in law is one of those. He is hooked now. Everytime he comes to visit we go up-cycling. He buys for his wife’s side of the family as well. We have a lot of fun.

      I agree with you Karn that the quality,character,soul and style of my decore is a higher standard. I agree that it is a lot of fun as well.
      I enjoy using my creativity and ingenuity to find ways to repurpose things and decorate it to my own taste. It is so good for the environment that these perfectly usable things do not end up in landfills.

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