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Guardian animals to protect your livestock against predatory animals

I was standing in line at the grocery store and happen to glance at the headlines on the local news paper. The headlines said that a wolf pack has attacked and killed livestock not far from here. My first reaction was plain and simple fear and then panic. My first thought was that I am so glad that I have not been taking my long walks with the dogs. What if we came upon them in the woods?  We have had a pack of wolves, a bear, wild pigs, a Ferrel bull on the loose and some predator prowling around our house lately at night. I remembered that line in the movie Wizard of Oz,” Lions, tiger and bears, Oh my”!

Reason chimed in and I calmed down. I reminded myself that, these animals try to avoid us as much as we want to avoid them. I hope that local farmers read up on ways to protect themselves and their live stock by having  guardian dogs, donkeys, lamas and more… Here is a link on Mother Earth News below.. A lot of farmers have electic fences, which definitely are deterrents.


We have our dogs at home to protect us. Coco woke us up in the middle of the night 3 times in a tizzy. She made it clear that she wanted Hubby to take her outside and follow her. She wanted to show him something. The cows were going crazy in the barn, and paddock and the ponies were all frightened. Coco pointed out into the darkness in the paddock next to our veggie patch. Coco was agitated, but she was warning him of impending danger. Hubby grabbed a flash light and scanned the darkness. He caught a glimpse of two eye reflecting the light from the flash light. He could not see what it was, because the predator hide itself from the light. Every year from the end of October till mid November, we have a predator that prowls around here at night. Hubby has heard a bone chilling  growl from the dark only once. It was a sound that he never heard before. It made the hair on his neck stand up.  What ever it was did not attack or show itself. It has already moved on for this year.

Coco is still a puppy. We are happy to see that she is such a good watch dog. The thing is what ever it is that is prowling around out there, the live stock have not been injured or killed. I feel safer knowing our puppy is protecting us and the livestock outside.


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