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Winter is quickly approaching


Hubby took this picture of the sun set at 3:30 this afternoon. We had a small glint of sunshine that quickly was hidden behind rain clouds again. The days are getting shorter and shorter. We need 15 minutes of sunshine a day to get the recommended daily allowance of vitamin D. That is not easy to get here. That  includes sunshine through clouds or even storm clouds as well. I guess that is where the saying of liquid sunshine came from. It has rained  for almost a month straight. We have had 4 days of sunshine in the last 30 days. 2 days were just a 30 minute glimpse of the sun like today and 2 days of sunshine. It feels like it has rained for over the better part of the last 2 months.

We live in the land of the midnight sun, but most people don’t think about that we live in varying degrees of darkness in the winter. The far north of Sweden they have total darkness in the dead of winter, but they do have Aurora Borealis to lighten the night skies. The Southern part of Sweden we have only a couple of hours of light during the day.

This years harvest has been stored away. The last of the gardening is being done for the year. It has been put to bed for the most part. I have to clean up the front flower bed and store the ceramic flower pots for the season. They will winter in the mini green house to protect the plants from our harsh winter. The winter pig has been ordered. Our winter clothes and shoes are in the closets and drawers. Our Summer and fall clothes and shoes have been cleaned and are packed away for this season. Flash lights and batteries are on stand by…Winter emergency supplies in the house and the car. Winter tires are getting put on the car.We are getting prepared for the harsh winter that is quickly approaching.

My pile of sewing is still awaiting my attention. I never got it finished in the spring. It has grown since then. It gives me something  to do during the cold winter nights. We have chores to get done like reorganizing our storage room. We have a trip to the dump I have a pile of new books to read.  Life is good.

This post was written November 4th.


Sorry for my long abscence!

I apologize that I have been Missing in action, but I have been busy.  It has been wonderful. I  have been able to grocery shop without having to wait for my husband in the car, because walking through the store is too much for me.  I have been able to help with house work.  I am actually getting some energy back. I was afraid to say it out loud, because I was afraid it would jinx it. I was terrified it would all go away. Hubby and I were talking about it this weekend. He said that he noticed that I have some color in my face and that I am looking more like myself again. I told him that I had noticed it as well. He was holding his breathe that I would have another major set back. This has been the first positive break through.

I of course have over done my attempt to do things in my enthusiasm. After being so sick and idle for so long, it feels so good to get up and do the mundane house work. I have just been so excited to do dishes or cook a meal. It has been over do for me to put all our summer clothes away for the season. Then I arrange all our winter clothes in the closets for this season. I did most of that by myself. It felt so good to just do normal everyday things again. Hubby has had to remind me to not over do it. It is obvious that I over taxed my body, when I yelled at the dogs and my husband for nothing. I was struggling to finish cleaning the kitchen…I just was over doing it. I had to step back and realized I still have limits. I need to do a little every day and not cause another set back by over doing it. I am trying to enjoy the big step forward.

Our friend who has the Glioblastoma multiforme (brain tumor) just contacted us. He happily informed us that his tumor is gone.The chemo therapy has worked. He is still in remission. I thank God for his tender mercies.

Life feels good

Enjoying the Benefits of a Fermented Breakfast

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Enjoying the Benefits of a Fermented Breakfast

We all want to jumpstart our day when we arise from sleep. The best way to do that is with a power packed breakfast. Many express though, that they don’t have much time.

Breakfast is important to start out your day with. Eating the right foods for breakfast can help you control a healthy weight, keep cholesterol down, helps left your mood, and can control cravings for junk food.

Check out the breakfast ideas below that are fast, easy and delicious. The recipes contain fermented ingredients, making them even healthier, as fermented or cultured food adds good bacteria (probiotics) to your diet.

The lack of good bacteria has now been linked to digestive problems, asthma, obesity, diabetes (type II), and many more chronic disease.

Good bacteria also needs food to eat and thrive. That is where prebiotics come in. The following breakfast ideas contain prebiotic foods, like bananas, blueberries…

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