Home remedies for bronchitis

I am one who loves to read up on home remedies or natural treatments. I have bought  a few books over the years trying to learn about herbs and spices. I try to integrate them into our everyday life.  I have aloe vera plants for insect bites,burns and facials…. eucalyptus rub for colds and coughs,  …. Fresh and dried mint for indigestion, local raw Honey for allergies just to name a few.  I have saved these treatments to try on myself. Honey and cinnamon is the one I am going to try first.



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  1. My herbalist friend’s remedy for bronchitis was thinly sliced white onion in layers, between each layer white sugar (not brown, common or garden white), then leave to stew. After a while the onion breaks down and you get onion juice. You take a teaspoon of this as needed. It sounds yucky but tastes surprisingly good.

    • That is one that I have never heard of before. I know a few ways to use onions,but that is a new one that I have never heard of before. It sounds easy to make and use.Thank you for sharing it.

  2. I have used oregano and olive leaf extract for allergies, and it works for me most of the time. Lately, though, I’ve been trying Young Living OIls… a drop of peppermint, a drop of lemon, and a drop of lavender in a quarter cup of water and then swig it down. This also seems to be giving me relief.

    I have struggled with hay fever allergies for years, and finally gave in to using benedryl when it got unbearable. Now I found out that benedryl, and dramamine can cause dementia, so I’m not EVER going to take those again. It’s either go herbal, or suffer, for me.

    Great article!

    • I have not heard that Benedryl and dramamine can cause dementia. I have allergies and asthma as well. That is so shocking. The fact that you have Alzhemiers in you family I understand why you are abstaining from taking them.

      I have read that eating unpasturized organic honey from your local area can help with your allergies.I have been eating this for almost 10 years. Now I have read mixing garlic or cinnamon with it is even better for you. I am going to try it and see if there is any difference.
      How is your mom doing?

      • Useful to know about the dementia connection!

      • Here’s a link to the article I recently read…

        I used to use a tea called Breathe Easy that had ephedra in it, and that really helped with allergies and asthma and it just had a small amount, but then ephedra was banned for awhile and I don’t think they make the tea anymore. It is a Chinese herb and probably is available again in some form. I’ve tried local honey too, but that has not helped me.

        Thanks for asking about my mom. She is finally settling in and feeling more at home with us and that is good, but she still has days of forgetfulness that are worse than others. I think we are all adjusting and that is good. 🙂

      • I checked out the link and read the article. My husband had Alzheimers and dementia in his family.Luckily he does not have allergies like I do. I really liked the Mercola website and joined it. Thank you for the great tip. I think I had found this site when I was researching information on Glioblastoma Multiforme (brain tumor) for a friend. Thankfully a lot of medicines that are allowed in the USA are banned here in the EU. Sweden is part of the EU. The EU and The USA are trying to sign a trade agreement that will sneakily allow alot of previously banned substances into our markets. If this agreement is allowed to be signed and certain points are no contested which now provide protection for the EU citizens.

        I am glad to hear that your mom is doing well. I know that change of environment can have a detrimental affect on Alzheimer patience. I hope that you and your family have a Happy Halloween!

  3. Never had bronchitis but useful info 🙂

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