Restoring balance in our world…

The Swedish government over the last couple of years has allowed hunters licences to kill wolves in Sweden. The  government claiming that the wolves are in bad health because of in breeding need to be thinned out. The government has said they plan to bring in fresh breeding stock to revitalize the wolves in Sweden. Other animal rights groups have contested the governments findings and did their own studies. The wolves that have been killed thus far were healthy animals. Thus far there has been no new wolves have been release. It seems that that idea was presented in the media to defend their indefensable actions. There has been a huge debate in Sweden over wolves conservation and now  the EU has forbidden it from continuing. I realize that wolf packs have ventured farther south than they have in modern times. They have ventured closer to populated areas Gothenburg and even Stockholm. There have been 2 wolf attacks involving people walking dogs around Stockholm’s outskirts. The dogs are what the wolves attacked…. I know that a lot of farmers are upset because of loss of livestock…. I guess I have a unique perspective, because I have lived in both large cities and out in the country. I am very observant of the wildlife in my area. I understand the fear and myths of wolves. It is my humble opinions that  the same policies for bears in Värmland should be applied to wolves. The rare times a bear has attacked a person in the woods the bears have been put down. Earlier this year an elderly man was walking to his fishing hole and was attacked by a mother bear with two cubs. I believe the man died of his injuries. The decision was made to hunt down and kill all three animals because of public safety issues. Wolves ,bears, lynx, moose … usually avoid human contact. Seeing them in the wild is a rare occurence and a privilege, but rare occasions can result in tragedy. The film below only reinforces my belief that all animals have an important place in our echo structure.

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  1. I so agree. When will we learn to live in harmony with Nature?
    Enjoyed the film. Perhaps like the deer who learnt to avoid where the wolves are, Man could learn to respect their territory?
    Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Hi Lorna,
      I agree respecting their territory is paramount. Sometimes these animals roam outside of their territory and come into yards too close to peoples homes. Capturing them and relocating them to remote areas is my suggestion instead of killing the animals.

      I am glad that you enjoyed the film.

  2. How sad…. We do the same with foxes and badgers – the former because they kill chickens and steal eggs, the latter because they have tuberculosis which might spread to cows.

    • I have no chickens so the fox that runs around this farm does not concern me. Our neighbor down the road who does have chicken locks them up in a building at night to protect them from foxes.The fox and Buster, our neighbors dog, always played together. I have seen them playing together from my livingroom window. Busters owners caught them playing and filmed it. We found that so amazing that they were great friends. That fox now has 3 babies. We seen them earlier this summer. They are beautiful and very healthy.

      I have never heard that badgers can have tuberculosis. We have had a badger come up the steps to the house we lived in 8 years ago and sniff at our door… The badger on a couple of occassions shit near the bottom step in protest that we moved in his territory. Our dog Daisy would attack the front door in the middle of the night and wake us up. I had never seen her so vorocious or aggressive. She acted like she was trying to knock the door down or eat a hole through it. We knew that there was something dangerous on the other side of that door.

      The first time she did it we were amazed at what a great watch dog she was because she was fearless.. We did not open the door to see what it was, but the next morning we found it’s scat. We set live trap (Cages with trap doors) to capture it, but it was too smart for the traps. Our plan was to relocate it.

      Daisy made it clear that the house was our space. She always knew what animals were in our yard at night and alerted us accordingly.When we first moved in she would sit on the back of the sofa and growl at a low pitch peering out the window at the deer and Moose. Animals would eat the fruit off our trees at night. We added motion activated lighting to light up our yard plus regular lights. The ýard was pitch black at night that helped as well.

      After a while the badger backed off surprisingly enough, we would run into him every once in a while. Like the time My husband getting something out of the barn and the badger was 3 feet away staring him down…. The badger lived under there and had tunnels all underneath the barn.
      If it had ever attacked us or the dogs it would have been a whole different thing for us. It marked it’s territory when we first moved in there. That was very alarming. We would have captured it and got rid of it. I felt safe because I knew daisy would protect us.Maybe I am naive, but I believe there has to be a way to live in harmony.

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