Apple Cinnamon Honey Jam Recipe – Spectacular Fall Taste With Only 3 Ingredients!!!!

This is a simple way to make jam. I hope to try it out next years harvest.

Old World Garden Farms

As apple season begins to wind down, we found ourselves with a small dilemma. We have made our applesauce, apple butter, and apple pie filling – and of course, have had more than enough red and yellow apples to snack on.

Jim on a ladder picking apples with a hoe used as the extender so we could reach way up high. Jim on a ladder picking apples with telescoping apple picker (with an extended home-made hoe handle).  It may not have been pretty – but it worked great to get all of those apples high in the tree!

However, we were still left with a few extra apples and no idea what to do with them.

Now these aren’t the prettiest of apples – most are freckled with skin spots because they have never been sprayed – which of course for us is all the better!  But the minute you cut them apart, you can see that the apple is just as beautiful and crisp as the ones you pick at…

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  1. Apple Butter is my favorite. Since the Whole foods Market was built here in town I have been buying Sweet Potato Butter, and Maple Pumpkin Butter.

    • I have never tried apple butter before, but I have heard of it. Sweet Potato Butter and Maple Pumpkin butter sound interesting and delicious. Sweet Potatoes or Yams are a rarity to find in Sweden.They have been pretty pricey. They are a rare treat in our house. They are a realitively new foods. We have a lot of cooking shows that have intruduced new foods and now you can find them easier. I was shocked that I have found them in our local stores. I use to have to travel to major cities to find them before. Maple syrup is very expensive here the demand is very low for it.

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