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Pickled mix vegetables


Our first 3 ripe bell-peppers of the year. I am pleased that they did so well. I am going to make stuffed red pepper with these tomorrow. There are 9 more bell-pepper almost ready to pick. We are going to freeze these for cooking later. Next year we will plant a few more plants.


I am going to use these half ripened tomatoes for pickling.

I think that they are very colorful and  will make the pickled vegetables look appealing.


This is all the ingredients for the pickled mixed vegetable that we are canning today. I don’t weight anything any more because I have made them so many times.


Don’t all the different color vegetables pop in those jars?

This is a double batch. We made 11 jars. This is our last pickles for the year. I eat these with my dinner. Just a small portion wíth my meal aides my digestion.



6 Small green tomatoes

200 g small green cucumbers

200 g green beans

200 g carrots

200 g cauliflower

50 g Horse-radish

SALT mixture:

1 liter water

1 dl salt

Vinegar mixture:

6 dl water

4 dl clear or white vinegar

6 dl sugar (ca 500 g)

1 bay leaf

1 tablespoon yellow mustard seeds

10 white pepper corn

( 2 dried red bell pepper)

Rinse and dry vegetables. Cut them in even pieces.

Mix ingredients for salt mixture and stir until salt is dissolved. Place vegetables in it except the horse-radish in the salt mixture for 24 hrs. Drain the salt water mixture out and rinse the vegetables off. Pour fresh water in the pan. Boil the vegetables with the Horse-radish 3-5 min. Drain the vegetables in a colander and rinse to quickly cool the vegetables off.

Make the vinegar mixture and make a cloth pouch with the bay leaf, gold mustard seeds, and 10 white pepper corns in it. I bring it to boil. Sanitize your jars and lids. Stuff the jars with the vegetables and pour the vinegar mixture in the jar leaving a 1/4 inch from the top. Place the lid on tight. Repeat until you have filled all your jars. Let them cool on a towel but make sure the jars do not touch.

My version of this recipe for one batch

The vegetables together should weight 1 kilo or about 2 lbs:

green tomatoes




3 inch peeled piece of ginge

dill weed from 6-10 stalks using only crowns and leaves.

Vinegar mixture

6 dl water

4 dl vinegar

6 dl (500 g) sugar

2-3 bay leaf

4 cloves of peeled  and crushed garlic

1 tablespoon yellow mustard seeds

10 white peppercorn

100 g fresh ginger


I sanitize my jars and have them in the sink in boiling water. I pour the vinegar mixture and place bay leaf, the majority of the ginger, mustard seeds, garlic and white pepper corns in a cheesecloth pouch that I tie off with string. I place the pouch into the mixture. I stir it until it is mixed well and let it boil. I cover the bottom of  the jars first with dill, a thin slice of ginger,1/8 tsp of yellow mustard seeds  and one bay leaf in each jar. Then I pack it tightly with vegetables. I can not stress enough that you need to pack it tight. Otherwise once you fill the vinegar mixture over the vegetables , they will float to the top. There will be a gap in the bottom of the jar. You waste space and use a lot more jars un-necessarily. I pour the vinegar mixture in the jars and place the lid tightly on them. I place jars on a towel and let the jars set for 24 hours before I store them. I let these set for 3 weeks in our cellar, before we start eating them.




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