Our best tomato harvest ever!!


Look what I have harvested  out of the mini-greenhouse and the Poly-tunnel today!! I am making our 3rd batch of tomato sauce and  2 batches of sun-dried tomatoes with these today.

Hubby has been busy in the vegetable garden today. He has weeded it and getting ready to put compost dirt, ash and bone meal on it. We are going to transfer the strawberries to the larger bed beside it. Later we will plant garlic for next year. I have the last of the cucumbers to pickle with green tomatoes and carrots. Then he will pull up the cucumber plants for the year.

I read on Mother Earth News today that we should not have pulled up our Celery roots and thrown them in the compost heap. We should have cut the celery and left the heart of it attached with roots and left them in our mini green house for next year. They would have survived the winter and produced again next year. I was sick when I read that. Oh well, we live and learn something new everyday. We will be doing that next year with our Celery and see how many survive the winter. This link below gives advice on storing your harvest.



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  1. Shame about the celery but at least you know for next year! It goes without saying the tomato crop looks brilliant 🙂

    • I couldn’t believe after all the research that I did on how to grow celery and never read that part. I found that information on harvesting and storing Celery. I just started reading those pages because we had our first Celery harvest. I subscribe to Mother Earth Email newsletters. I am always reading and trying to learn more on gardening, harvesting and ways to store your crop. Oh well!!

      Thanks for the compliment on the tomato crop. We are grinning from ear to ear. It took us long enough to get a successful tomato crop, but we finally did it!!

  2. Your tomatoes look wonderful!! I as will didn’t know that about celery. Thanks for sharing.

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