Garden grown onion marmalade

This looks delicious. I know my husband is going to love this.

Garden grown onion marmalade.

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  1. Thank you for re-posting my post!

    • Your welcome. Thank you for this recipe because this will be my husband favorite.
      How do you seal the jars? Warm bath bathing and for how long? I didn’t understand that part in your recipe. I would love to make this and give it in Christmas baskets to friends and families with my other things that I canned myself.

  2. I think it will be. I made some onion relish with onions from the allotment as I needed to use them up and again I am very pleased with it 🙂

  3. That recipe looks delectable Honey. I am going to see about making it. Do you know what Muscovado sugar is?

    Also this seems like it can be a fermented food if one planned to can it, as it has salt and vinegar in it. If your interested here are some articles I wrote on Fermented foods: .

    I am sure you may know this but fermented foods help heal digestive problems. People will say I eat yogurt, sauerkraut, cheese, kefir and the such.

    But buying store bought fermented foods is not a good option. Because they start out fermented, but then they will usually pasteurize the foods before canning them, or the milk is pasteurized before making yogurt and the good bacteria is killed.

    So if one were to make there own fermented food in the house, that would be the best choice.

    Also just eating plenty of fruits and vegetables alone does not provide the beneficial bacteria that is need to produce the growth of intestinal flora that digests your food and keeps you going.

    The foods that do that are those that contain probiotics, which are fermented foods. The probiotics produce the growth of intestinal flora.

    Hope your feeling well Honey. Have a great week ahead.


    • Muskavado sugar is unrefined brown sugar.

      I am sure you can substitute brown sugar or raw sugar if you can not find it.
      Yes I did learn from a Nutritionist that I had for a few years who informed me to eat cranberries,yogurts, German saurkraut, pickled vegetables,herbs and spices, acidophilius tablets and more to aid in my digestion. I was informed about probiotic foods. That is why I have learned to pickle and ferment vegetables at home. I had a friend’s mother who made these things at home. I purchased them from her, until I learned to make them myself. We use to buy unpasturized milk from a farmer for years. I became lactose intollerant and didn’t eat or drink milk products for years. Today there is a multitude of non lactose products that I can eat and drink.
      I am definitely interested in reading your articles. I am always open to learning something new to aid in my digestion problems. I perferr to try natural foods to aid in my digestive problems rather than take vitamin and nutritional suppliments and medicine as much as I can. It kept me out of the operating room for 20 years longer than conventional doctors thought possible. Things have changed again and I am still awaiting test to get a new diagnosis. I appreciate any help that you have to offer.
      Thank you so much.

      • Lactose intolerant is due to lack of magnesium in the body. I was lactose intolerant. I start taking Trace minerals which includes magnesium, and i can enjoy dairy products once again, including a good Latte now and again.

      • I have never heard of that before. I haven’t been to my nutritionist since I found out I was lactose intollerant. Can I not eat a certain food that would give me those trace minerals like Chanterell mushrooms? Are Trace mineral the best way to suppliment my diet? I would love to enjoy dairy products again. They are so much cheaper that lactose free products. My husband found that Lactose free products are better for diabetics because the milk sugar is in the lactose.By switchint to lactose free milk my husband was able to cut the milk sugar by up to 80%. That was depending on fat content of milk.
        Do you have this information on Lactose intollerance on your website? I would love more information to read up on this. I live in Sweden and that means I might not have access to same products that you have where you live.

      • Yes you can, eat all the foods you can with all of the minerals. But the earth is lacking in so much, the way it is being treated, that a mineral supplement is necessary sometimes.

        I did try to increase the foods with magnesium, but still had IBS and lactose intolerance. So I found this Trace Minerals and it worked for me. The minerals in it are bio-available, meaning the body recognizes them and up takes them very easily.

        You should even try taking Krill Oil. At lot better than fish oil and also is bio-avalible. Krill can also help with digestion, because of the omega-3.

        If you decide to give this a try, and I recommend it, it can’t make you worse, give it time. The body heals slowly. That is why synthetic meds are not good for one reason, they force the body to react in a way it should do on its own.

        You should also be eating more fermented foods as they contain the bacteria your digestive system needs. I am sure you know how, but one thing to keep in mind, if you are not putting the right amount of salt, the food may not ferment right, and there may not be the right amount of beneficial bacteria.

        Some products you can buy on line from there in the E.U.

        Also diabetes lack minerals as well enzymes. Is your husband diabetic? Loosing just 10% of his weight can reverse it as well.

        Possible you are lacking enzymes as well. Enzymes help with digestion.

        I couldn’t find an article that just deals with lactose intolerant, but here is a link that makes reference and references to fermented foods:

        Let me know what you think or if you have other questions or concerns.


      • Do you still have IBS? There is a great all natural plant based Swedish medicine called Iberogast for that. I used it and it helped me. I stupidly thought I no longer needed it. I also took Probi; stomach
        (Living bacteria culture) and had great results the last couple of years. All of this made a significant difference in my health but it did not take all the symptoms away. I had undiagnosed health problems that I wasn’t getting treatment for that complicated all of this. I stopped eating the probiotic food regularly.I had done this religiously for decades with fantastic results. I stopped taking the Ibergast and probi stomach at the same time. A year later this new inflammation hit me. I just recently found out that previous medicial treatments that I had decades ago causes an almost complete and permanent depletion of my natural stomach flora and immune system.I needed to stick to these things for the rest of my life.

        I have had extreme allergic reactions to my new meds which have complicated my treatment and recovery.I have had anaphylactic chock 4 times recently.They don’t know which medicines that caused it because I have been taking so many meds.It can also be a combination of meds that is causing these reactions. Right now the doctors are cautious in prescribing any meds. I am being sent to a Allergist for testing to find out what meds that I can tolerate. All of this has further complicated my treatment and recovery.I am also awaiting further diagnostic test. This is why I have not been as active on my blog as I had planned to be. I did not want to discuss this, because I do not want my health issues to define me in the eyes of others. Obviously you helped change my mind.

        My husbands diabetes is much better because he found a book about a diet and excercise program that he has followed. He has switch to using Stevia instead of processed sugar in his diet recently as well to further improve his health. The diabetes clinic have been shocked with the results. They wanted to know what he was doing.They couldn’t believe his dramatic change in his test results in such a short time. He has dropped his insulin doses significantly.

        I will read the link you gave me. I know nothing about the enzymes that you are talking about but I will read the links you gave me and get informed.
        Thank you

      • At the moment no IBS. I have controlled it with the Trace Mineral supplementation. Also enzymes help with digestion. Usually those with lactose intolerance lack enzymes to digest the sugar.

        Fruit, particularly pineapple and papaya have enzymes. Also Fermented, probiotic foods, Miso soup, red beets and their greens, and avocados.

        You should faithfully be eating these foods. Don’t worry about the fat in avocados, it is a healthy fat. As long as you are active, it wont turn to fat in your body.

        Also swap out high starchy foods for fruit, easier on the digestion and more longer sustained energy.

        If you find yourself bloated after eating, wanting to sleep, or fatigued…then the foods you just ate are requiring more blood to the stomach, taking the blood from your brain and other organs and extremities.

        Food should not be hard for your stomach to digest. The harder it is the more energy that is required to do so. Robbing YOU of the energy and nutrition, vitamins, minerals, enzymes etc. you need to be healthy and fight illness.

        Remember, don’t eat less to loss weight, just eat right.

        Hope this helps. Any other thoughts or questions, just ask.


      • Hi Randy,
        Thank you for all this information.I have been reading and getting advice that raw vegetables should be excluded from my diet. I should be eating almost over cooked vegetables to help my digestion. The advice I have been getting is carrots right now should be cooked soft enough to mash. It basically should be like baby food. I have been reading both your blogs which have been extremely informative as well. I am not whinning because I have been eating a clear liquid diet most of this summer. My digestic track was so inflammade that my body flushed food out so quickly. My body couldn’t get the nutrient out of the food I was eating. It has calmed down some now. I thank God for that because I didn’t think I could take it much longer. It has taken quite a toll on my body. I changed what I eat and tried to make soups with vegetables. I am eating creme of wheat with cinnamon, crushed flax seeds and apple sauce for breakfast for years. Most of the foods that you recommended on your post on magneseium our a main stay in my diet already. I guess I will have to add suppliments to increase trace minerals. It is all a learning curve right now. I need to test what I can and can’t not eat. I have to listen to my body. I realize that this can improve with medical treatment as well.

        You and I are seem to be on the same page on eating right and excercise to loose weight.I have tried to eat my regular diet recently and my body has let me know it can not handle it. It is back to soups loaded with high nutrtious value.
        Thanks again

      • Keep in mind over cooking vegetables destroys the enzymes needed to digest your food.

        What illness do you have exactly? Have you gone to see if you have allergies? Maybe you are allergic to something?

        I am not a doctor, but I did get certified in nutrition, and I know over cooking your food, specially produce, only kills the enzymes. It might be easier on your digestion, but over coking kills the vitamins and minerals as well.

        I would like to do more research, but I need to know the name of your Illness.

        I seen you signed up for the News Letter, thanks. If you have any ideas of how I can improve it please let me know. We also have several FREE E books on different health and nutrition themes.

        Our latest are on Carbonated Drinks and another on No more fad diets, Losing weight the healthy way.

        Thanks for the conversation, and look forward to your reply. Have a great day there in Sweden!!


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