The first Celery harvest of the season.


You can see the Celery has grown thick and luscious.We need to thin it out so the tomatoes can get sunlight and the remaining celery can grow bushier. We will harvest the largest plants. We have tomatoes that are turning red all in there.


These are the first 7 Celery stalks we have harvested out of the mini green house. We have at least 40 more to harvest later. Hubby wanted to thin it out to give the stalks more space to grow. Next year we should considering planting them in the Poly-tunnel because they mini green house is too small and the roof is too low for these surprisingly tall plants. I planted them a little too close together this year. I learned something new. We are so pleased with the Celery this year.


We rinsed them in vinegar water. We saved the leaves they are just as nutritious and tasty for soups, stews and stir fries. We cut these stalks in thin slices. We place them on baking paper on cookie sheet and freeze them. This keeps them from freezing in a clump, but individually. After they are frozen, we place them in Freezer bags in the freezer. You can just grab a handful or cup full depending on what you are cooking.
We pickled 15 jars of cucumbers today as well. They are on the table cooling.

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  1. I love celery, but I’ve never been able to grow it. Your harvest is amazing!

    • I tried to plant Celery the first year that we had a garden. I sowed the seeds directly into the rock garden. I waited and waited and nothing came up except weeds. I finally gave up and thought the seeds I bought were no good. I pulled the weeds and planted red, yellow and white onions in the spot. Later in the summer when I was weeding the onions. I saw a tiny little plant that looked like Celery. I pulled a peice off and smelled it.Then I tasted it to my surprise it was Celery.

      That crop never took off and grew to any size. I harvested a few plants but the onions were bigger than the celery. The stocks were really thin and tiny. It was almost comical. I have read a lot on the net the last couple of years to find how to grow celery. I was shocked that it is a very slow growing crop. It takes a minimum of 5 months depending on your climate.

      I decided to start it inside early. Transplant it into the green house. I planted it a lot closer than recommended because of my lack of space. That was the trick for me. It took a lot of patience. Voila!

  2. Never realised you can eat the leaves. Next time I have some I will save them for the soup.

  3. Nice harvest Honey!! So nice to grow your own produce and can it or freeze it for later. Nice image of the cleaned celery by the sink!!

    • I really like celery and have been reading that it is very toxic with a multiple of pesticides. I have not seen organic celery being sold in our area. I really wanted to grow organic celery at home for our own consumption. This harvest should be more than enough to meet our needs. Hubby took the photograph. I just told him that you complimented him on the photo.

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