August’s Harvest



Dehydrated Borlotti beans still in their shell.The netted basket to right has peas and green beans drying for seeds for next years garden.


Borlotti beans cooking for dinner tonight. We will have Avjar sauce, garlic, salt, smoked ham squares, celery, carrots,onions and ripe tomato or two cooked down in it.


This is the best corn harvest we have had yet. This is about 1/3 of our harvest. We have left the rest in the veggie patch because they need more time to mature.


We are so pleased because these are good size and totally ripe.

All of these are now in our freezer. Coco and Dixie checking out

what is going on the kitchen.


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  1. Amazing sweetcorn crop! I do envy you – only tried to grow sweetcorn once and it resulted in a meagre two corns. Might try again next year.

    • This is the best crop we have had yet. We planted four rows. We sowed two batches in doors. The first batch we sowed too early. It was ready for transplanting outside too early.The weather wasn’t warm enought for us to plant it outside.It is still small and stunted outside with half ears of corns. The second batch was ready and so was the weather.It is over 7 ft tall and has the best ears of corn that you saw in the pictures. Then we planted two rows directly into the ground. They are only 3 ft tall and they have tassels but no corn. We fertilized all the corn and watered heavily. We have had optimal warm summer this year for growing corn. It is timing when to sow and plant makes the difference in our climate. I hope we nail it even better next year. It is still a work in progress. The rest of the corn outside we will pick and I will cut the corn off the cob and freeze it in bags for cooking.

      I will tell you it feels great when you succeed. I know it is silly but it gives you a sense of accomplishment. It is a learning process. I guess that is what makes it fun for me to garden. You are learning something all the time. I hope you do try growing corn next year. This corn was so sweet.

      • I am learning that often the best way to grow is to start off inside!

      • I know that it is for the Swedish climate. We can see the difference in our harvest when we pre sow inside. We have a much better harvest. It works better because we are growing vegetables that are not native to our climate. That is why we need the mini green house and the poly tunnel for vegetables that normally you can not grow in an open air garden. We have a neighbor growing peaches in a green house here. They have had a bumper crop this year. I was astounded when I heard that.

      • Great for your neighbour. It’s amazing what we can do with ‘modern’ techniques: greenhouses and such like. I look forward to getting mine next year so that I can grow more stuff/increase yields.

      • Green houses and walled gardens… have been around for a long time. Great Britain/British Ilse has a long history of amazing kitchen gardens in great manors. That was news to me that victorian kitchen garden were amazing. This is really not modern techniques. I watch a lot of shows about that here. I have been surprised how ingenious they were to adapt so many techniques to grow food in their inhospital climate. It has inspired us to try harder.I would love to visit some of the places that I have seen on TV and pick the brains of the gardners to get tips and advice.

      • Hopefully you will one day!

      • I have been to London before but we never visited the country side or great manor houses. I hope we can go back some time. I would love to see Ireland, Scottland and Wales as well.

      • That’s a lot to see!

      • I know I put too many pictures in my post. I still haven’t figured out how to do the thumbnail pictures. I have been trying to figure out how to change my picture at the top of my blog. Eventuall I will get it done. WordPress has changed their format and I have not figured it out yet.

      • Oh, I wasn’t referring to your photos – I think they are great!

        I was referring to you wanting to see all four countries in the British Isles – countryside and all. Still, I know very little of Sweden. I’ve been to Stockholm and the surrounding area mostly, though I have travelled from Malmo up to Vasteras by road and camped along the way (sorry can’t do diacritics/accents on my phone).

      • Don’t worry no offense taken on the photos.
        I just think seeing all four countries in the British Isles that is so steeped in history. I watch alot of Nat Geo shows and TV shows from England on all four countries. I find it very interesting. I enjoy learning about history. It is on my bucket list.
        That is right that you have been to Sweden. You have seen a lot of the southren half of Sweden. I have traveled all through that area myself.You know more about Sweden that most people do.

      • There certainly is a lot of history to see her in the UK….

        And I guess I have seen quite a bit of your country but there is of course much still to visit! I plan to take my daughter there once we’ve saved the money 🙂

      • You seem to love to travel. I think it is beneficial to travel learn about new cultures. I think it changes us in positive ways.

      • Forgot to mention that I’ve been to Gothenburg as well.

      • I have lived in Gothenburg a large portion of my life. It is a lovely city, which is the second largest city in Sweden. It has a wonderful atmosphere, good musuems,good cuisine.. and great sense of community.

  2. Your corn is beautiful!!!

  3. Oh Honey, what fabulous corn! But what is best of all is seeing Coco and DIxie looking so proud of you and your crop!

    • Thanks Karen,
      I laughed when I saw the photo. It was Hubby that took it. I told him it look like the dogs posed for the photo. He said I just said “Pig Ears”, when he took the photo. That is why they are looking so intent at him.
      We still can’t believe that the corn turned out so good this year. We have had years where the ears were small and the kernals were white. The weather never allowed them to mature fully those years. These ears of corn were sweet and yellow. It feels good when it goes right.

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