July 3,2014 Part 2 update on garden

newly transplanted bell pepper

newly transplanted bell pepper

As you can see the garden is coming along quite nicely. Even the new crops like Cabbage, cauliflower, mangold. I tried mangold last night for the first time ever. It was delicious.

The crops like bell pepper, celery and tomatoes which we had limited success with earlier are thriving thus far better than ever before with us. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will be a total success this year. We resown leafy lettuce, romain lettuce and spinage. I think this is our best garden thus far.


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  1. Oh Honey, look what you have created! Your produce is stunning! You are an excellent gardener!
    Mangold? Is it like Spinach?

    • Mangold is between spinach and lettuce. It grows in cold temperature. I seen a picture of a woman harvesting it in snow here. She was moving snow to find mangold in her veggie patch, because it was completely buried.
      It freezes well, you can have it in salads, stews, stir fry and soups. I had never tasted it but have heard people rave about it. Even Hubby liked it. He is a finicky eater. He thought it was delicious. I think next year I might skip growing cabbage and grow this instead. I didn’t grow too many cabbage this year because we will have to see how successful we are with storing it in the basement. It is my understanding you cannot freeze cabbage. They say you can bury it outside in a hay cache with dirt over it if you don’t have a root cellar. I am still reading up on how to store it.

      Thanks for the compliment but Hubby and I have done this together. I can’t take soul credit. We are really pleased. I think we surprised ourselves. I take that as a huge compliment, because you are definitely an experienced gardener. That is evident by looking at your garden.

      • I’ve frozen my cabbage and it seems fine. I blanched it first and it has only been in the freezer for a couple of months or so….

      • I thought I read that you could not freeze cabbage. I have not tried to do it because this is the first year we have grown it ourselves. Could you write how you blanche it? What do you cook with it?

      • My book says that you take the outer leaves off and then boil/steam the cabbage for about one and a half minutes. I chopped the cabbage up before blanching so that it is ready for use when I want it. You don’t add anything when blanching and when you want to eat it later you just use it as normal after defrosting. Hope that helps, Honey.

      • That helps a lot. I use cabbage in different soups and stews. I also love it fresh in salads with a vinegar and oils dressing. I like to ferment it. I will do this to half the crop. That way if I am not successfull storing the other half. I won’t loose the whole crop before we have the chance to eat it. Thank you sooo much. I really apreciate the advice.
        Oh yeah thanks for the mention in your post on,” seedlings on your window sill”.

      • You’re welcome!

        Fermenting the cabbage sounds an interesting alternative. I don’t have room for much cabbage so not sure I would have enough to ferment but how would I do that?

      • Fermenting cabbage is Sauerkraut. I have stomach and digestive problems. I do not know if you know this but 80% of our immune system lies in our intestines. Sauerkraut made in the traditional way has an abundance of the probiotics. Natural yogurt and cranberry juice contains these as well. My nutritionist years ago suggested that I eat pickles, pickled vegetable or sauerkraut in small portions with lunch and dinner to help my digestion. This site gives you some really good information. I do not use a sauerkrut pot I use Glass jars. http://www.probiotics-help.com/how-to-make-sauerkraut.html

      • Really interesting to know. I’ve actually been drinking cranberry juice today – more because I like it but I did know it was good for the immune system, just not why!

  2. It certainly looks lush! I’m so envious 🙂

  3. Wow, you sure are busy. What a great vegetable garden you have Honey. What is Mangold by the way? Never heard of it before.

    • Thank you for the praise on our garden this year. We are exstatic about how well it turned out this year. We enjoy gardening. Having a vegetable patch is a great hobby with the added bonus of producing healthy food. We love eating the vegetables fresh and then we also freezing, pickle and even dehydrating food for the rest of the year. We have grown everything organically.

      Mangold is the Swedish name for this plant. I didn’t realize that. I just found it in one of my dictionaries it is Swiss Chard. The seed packs also calls it “White Silver 2”. It is an easy plant to grow. You can harvest individual leave or the whole plant at one time. We can plant it in Sweden from May5th-June5th. We can begin harvesting from June7th- October. I have read some Swedish bloggers say they were harvesting it into November. We usually get first snow around the end of October beginning of November. You can try this link for more information. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swiss_Chard

  4. Thanks for the great photo of your peas. My peas are coming up and I was wondering how I was going to string them up! You gave me an idea!

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