garden update June16,2014

Our leeks have started to grow. We spent two days weeding the bed to discover them. We sowed them directly into the beds. We do have some leafy lettuce, romaine lettuce and spinach that have come up. I plan to re-sow the empty patches where nothing has come up to fill in the bed. If you first don’t succeed,try, try again.

You can see the baby leeks. You almost need a magnifying glass.


The top picture is the rock bed 5 weeks ago. The bottom picture is the same bed today. We are very pleased. It looks like the baking soda and flour in combination with garlic around the brocoli, cauliflower and cabbage has worked to save our crop this year. The moths have been here, but no sign of larvae this far. Hurray!


Our Celery is thriving. I really didn’t realize how slow celery grows. It takes 5 months. This is about the size it grew the first year I planted it in our beds at harvesting time. This year I sowed it inside and then planted it in the mini green house. Look we are going to have normal size celery by harvest time this year.


We used trellises that we had lying around for supports for our tomatoes in the poly tunnel. We are going to use stick as supports for our beef tomatoes between the trellises. This is experimental, but I think it could work quite nicely. If you asked Hubby he would say it was his brain storm and if you ask me it is mine. We will call it a joint collaboration (LOL).  Either way it was a brilliant idea, that we came up with and it looks really nice as well.



Low and behold we have tomatoes. The tomato plants are full of flowers. We might actually have a bumper crop this year. Our first one since we have had this garden.


We have our first strawberries that are turning red.


I have already eaten 2 ripe strawberries. I couldn’t wait to try them. We are going to have strawberries for Midsummer.


We have finally strung up the Borlotti beans, string beans and peas. It was a jungle of weeds and every thing was all tangled up. It took 3 days to get it all in order. It finally looks like it should.

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  1. Your crops look so vibrant and healthy. Looks like you are in for a bumper harvest.

    • Thanks you for the nice compliment. We are expecting a storm tomorrow. I hope it just brings much needed rain and we hope it is not terrential rains with strong winds. We will just have to wait and see how the garden weathers the storm. I will be happy to have my rain barrels full again. We have been watering our garden with water from one of the ponds.

      The weather forecast is crazy here for the next couple of days. The far north of Sweden has had unusually warm weather as we have had this spring. Friday’s weather forecast is snow on Mid-summers eve in the far north. I think that will break some weather records. I have never heard of snow on Mid-summer’s eve. Luckily our weather forecast is sunny warm weather for Friday and Saturday. We should have a great Mid-summer weather. Our weather patterns seem to be changing. I just wonder if this is our new normal.

  2. Marcella Rousseau

    What an attractive garden! How hard is it to grow leeks? I bought 2 at the supermarket the other day – they are so expensive and you have to trim half of it away!

    • It is not difficult to grow leeks. Two years ago I bought a small tray of leeks seedlings and transplanted them into a bed.It was late in the season and they were 60% off. They looked quite wilted,but we thought what the heck. They did quite well.
      This year we planted them from seed ourselves. Leeks are slow growing. I hope this information is of some help.

      • Marcella Rousseau

        It’s very helpful – thank you! Sometimes you can get lucky with a “what the heck” perspective! I’m glad it worked out for you!

      • Thanks for the compliment on our garden as well. We are quite enjoy working in it. I am already harvesting strawberries, brocolli, 2 kinds of lettuce and spinach. I am glad to be of help.

  3. Wonderful garden. I can’t wait for our tomatoes to ripen. Home grown produce taste so much better!!

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