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I live in the garden

I live in the garden

13 tomato plants in the Poly-tunnel

Our tomato plants were in dire need of transplanting. We pulled off the lower leaves and planted the lower stem under the ground. We had dirt, potting soil and chicken poop in the ditch we made. I had saved coffee grounds and crushed egg shells to scatter around each plant. We have a few tomatoes on some of the plants already.




Now we have to figure out what to plant in the rest of the space. I want to try growing a few cantaloupe… We will figure it out I am sure.

Garden 2014

We planted Cauliflower, brocoli and Cabbage on the far end of the rock garden. I planted it earlier than the corn because I knew it likes colder weather. We planted garlic all the way around it because I read on the Internet that it would help keep pest away. I have powdered it with a flour and baking powder mixture to keep the moths from laying eggs on it. We will see if this works to protect them from moth larvae infestation that we had last year.I just realized I was suppost to be using baking soda not baking powder.Ooopps!

We also planted cucumbers, carrots, spinach, roman lettuce, leafy lettuce, manegold, onions and shallots. I still have dill to plant. All of these are coming up but too small to see really good in this picture.



Sweden is saidto be having a bumper strawberry crop this year.



We planted 4 bell-peppers plants, 4 tomato plants and a lot of celery

in the small green house. We already have a few tomatoes on some of our plants.



The potato plants have just start popping up.




Our biggest problem has been unusually warm weather for the last 6-8 weeks with very little rain. Thankfully, it finally started raining this last week. Our rain barrels are full again.

May 13 th we started planting outside.

Our neighbors thought we were crazy this year because we started planting a month earlier normal. June 1st is the earliest we normally begin planting outside. This year we planted the corn on May 17,2014.

The Borlotti beans are to the right. The weather was unseasonably warm this year. The corn and beans had grown so big that we risk loosing them if we kept them inside any longer. One thing we learned is that we planted 4 weeks too early inside the house. The grow light speeds up the growing process more than we ever imagined.




This is what the corn looks like today June 8, 2014. Unfortunately you can’t see the two rows of corn that we planted directly into the ground in this picture they are about one inches tall. We now know planting them inside early is the way to go for our Swedish climate.


We have also planted 4 rows of peas and 1 row of string beans.


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