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The New Raised Bed May 18, 2014


Our raised potato bed is three boards high. If you look at the pictures of the borlotti beans and corn you can see what I am talking about. Hubby decided to take off the top board and make two new raised beds, because the dirt has settled in it. The dirt doesn’t even reach the top of the second board.  He unscrewed the boards to half of the potato box and sawed it in half. We just lifted it up and placed it on the ground, where he wanted it. He measured the spot.  He prepared the ground by cutting the turf and rolling it.



Instead of buying a new board or using the  boards from the other half of the third board of the potato box. He decided to rock it to match the other bed beside it. He filled it with excess dirt from the potato box. It is looking good.

My suggestion was to use the lumber for the new green house, because that would cut down the cost of making it. He pretended like he listened to my suggestion. He made the new bed anyway. He is already planning where the other half or the second one is going to go right now. Then I saw his post on his Facebook page showing the garden’s progress. He wrote that I wanted the new raised bed and how hard I was working him. Our friends and family praising. When I called him on it, he just cackled one of his mischievous  laughs.

MEN or maybe I should say MY HUBBY seems to need a project going to keep him busy. I wanted to try French intensive gardening to save him the work and the need of making a new bed. He had his own ideas… Can you tell that we are an old married couple? I appreciate the new bed don’t get me wrong. I worry because he is over doing it.

I have no problem coming up with projects. I have to admit that, but My Project suggestions was a bench and porch swing.  I showed him some projects on Pinterest. That were pretty simple and inexpensive, because they used reclaimed materials.  I saw how his eye lite up and those wheels got to turning. He is looking at that as a winter project.


Oh well!! The work is getting done and the garden is looking great. Half of the rock raise bed is planted ( Garlic, onions, cauliflower, broccoli,chard and Cabbage). I will keep posting our progress. We have to get everything planted and build the green house. The tomatoes have out grown their milk cartons. They are flowering and we have our first tomato. This is a busy time of year for any gardener. We are just enjoying the warm weather.


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