Daily Archives: May 13, 2014

Ground breaking for the new Greenhouse


Hubby has wanted to build a second green house for some time now. He wants one that we can stand up in and that gets full sun all day long. He chose this spot.  Apparently there was a green house here years ago. The lark fence post needed moving any way. The pile has started falling down.


He had a lot of nettles to pull up.


He marked the spot and cleared the grass. The rain started and he had to put it on hold.


We planted a package of tomatoe seeds for the first time this year. We usually buy our tomato plants. I do not know why, but I thought tomato plants were hard to grow for some reason.  A friend gave us an old package they hadn’t used. We were unsure if the seeds were still good. I planted the entire small package. I was wrong and now we have 23 healthy tomato plants. Woo hoo! I was hoping that I would get two or maybe four plants out of the whole package. That is if we were lucky.

I gave away 6 to the neighbors, which they divided up between 3 families. I would have given them more, if they would have taken them. Now we have 17 left. Thus the need for a green house for them, because our climate is too cold otherwise for tomatoes. We usually have cool nights even in the summer time. I plan to keep some of my spices and herbs in there as well. I will be posting more picture on the progress on our new green house later.

A break between rain showers

We have finally had two weeks of much-needed rain.Our water barrels are over flowing. Today was the second time in two weeks that we have had a glint of sun. We hurried out and planted the second batch of borlotti beans.



We have planted garlic, cabbage, broccoli and Cauliflower a little over two weeks ago. You can see it in the picture below. We have celery coming up in the green house. My strawberries have buds on them already. We can now begin to harden off the first batch of corn in the green house.  The borlotti beans are planted in the veggie bed, which freed up space in the greenhouse for the corn.


The plan is to have the corn planted outside by this weekend. That is if the weather cooperates with us.


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