Why we need Biodiversity in our gardens

I have never thought about how our gardening choices affect our eco system as in dept as the article in the link below discusses. It makes so much sense once someone explains it and connects the dots for you.Then the big picture comes more clearly into focus.Especially because I live out in the country and not in the suburbs.

I have seen a news story recently asking people in Sweden to go to the Natures protections organisation (Naturskyddsföreningen) home pages to find templets for bird houses. They explained about information on cleaning the nest every couple of years to allow space for the next breeding pair. They reminded people to feed the birds during our harsh winter and late into the spring untill the baby chicks leave their nest. What I did not understand from this news report was how serious of a decline the numbers truly are today.

We have 3 bird feeders in our yard. We have bought a new one every year to keep up with birds, because every year we have more and more birds that come here to feed. This past winter we had the largest numbers ever but even the largest variety of birds that we have ever seen. I was truly unaware that our feathery friends numbers we in such decline.

Hubby has been discussing his interest in starting bee keeping the last 3 years. We like many other people have heard that bees are dying mysteriously but these news reports don’t seem to stress how serious of a decline their numbers really are today. Sweden is offering free courses in our area to help get people started in bee keeping. Hubby has been wanting to look into it. The price of honey has been on the rise in our area.We haven’t been able to find a local person to buy honey.

It is not like we are not informed on these subjects. Now that I have been reading about these sujects on the net. I find that these subject on the mainstream media are down playing the gravity of the true situation. I recommend that this article because I think it is well written and indebt on the biodiversity of our world and how even our backyard gardening can impact our world. The fact that birds are migratory animals we are all impacted by one anothers actions.


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  1. Here in my garden I have seen so many birds disappear from my feeders over the years. I have no idea what is causing the decline as it can not be pollution. Some say it is disease, and others predators. The Siskins have all but disappeared, the Finches are less too.
    I do hope you decide to keep bees, especially if there is funding to support you in setting up the hives. I too used to keep bees, but my hives need replacing and are so expensive. Make sure you get friendly bees! I took in a swarm of nasty ones and they used to attack me when I was mowing the lawn! The bees would love living with you….so many flowers!-Karen,

    • Hubby is wanting to start a hive. I am not against him doing it but I am worried about having nasty bees like you wrote about. I told him that he can do it if our land lord approves it. I am afraid of bees myself.

      I didn’t know that you had bee hives. You are braver than I am. We have had one family we knew who kept bees. They live quite a distance from us now. When they started having children they gave their hives to a family member.
      We will see what Hubby ends up doing. Right now we are working on a new green house.

  2. Great article! We are going to raise bees in the near future. I would love to follow along and learn how you are doing with yours!

    • We are doing everything in stages as well. Hubby would have to take a course first. It is alway research research. It is the same with chickens. I have read a few blogs where chickens and bee got sick or died. We wouldn’t want to that. We need to feel confident that we could meet their needs and had a knowledgable person to turn to for advice near by…

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