Many hair-straighteners contain a Formaldehyde-based

I like many other woman use hair-straightener products with my flat iron. It shocked me to discover, that these products can be formaldehyde based. The above link discuss this and gives in depth information on this.

I wanted to share with you, why I am so concerned about chemicals insecticides and pesticides are doing to us and our environment. I was diagnosed with stomach problems and given medication three years ago. I had an Anaphylactic shock shortly after taking the medication. I have always been sensitive to chemicals in products. I have always felt like the canary in the mine shaft.

I had already been debating to stop dying my hair for over a year before this latest reaction to my stomach medication. I have learned from experience that I become hyper-sensitive to many products after such a reaction. I had been dying my hair for 10 years. I have always pictured myself aging and having white hair. I always pictured myself growing old gracefully. I guess for me the only thing holding me back was the in between stage of letting my hair grow out. I stopped dying my hair three years ago and never looked back.

I had been concerned about all those chemicals in hair dye, developing toxicity level, and environmental waste. Have you ever wondered how many people around the world dye their hair? It is not just woman but many men as well. Just think how many chemicals are being dumped into our drinking water by hair dye products. When I asked myself that question, it boggled my mind. What do those chemicals do to our water system and environment? I watched a news report a while ago talking about hair dye that had been banned in Sweden because of the toxic chemical compounds that they contained. They stated the EU was allowing these products in Sweden now. I listened in horror at the side effects and health problems of some woman in Sweden after using these products. It only verified for me that I made the right decision to stop dying my hair when I did.

About 30 years ago I suffered chemical burn on my face, neck and hands after being exposed to pesticides drift while visiting the USA.I was asleep in a air conditioned home while a field was sprayed next door. The covers and my pajamas protected the rest of my body from chemical burn. My skin had burns. My face was swollen and disfigured. It was a very painful experience. It played havoc on my immune system after-wards. I have even been more sensitive to chemicals after that experience. My immune system is very weak and has never fully recovered. It made me hyper sensitive to chemical products (lotion, shampoo, creme rinse..) for a couple of years, which has made me more vigilant in what products that I use.

It boggles my mind what everyday choices impact our world and our bodies by using make up, nail polish,sunscreen… .I for one am going to be thinking about products that I use in my everyday life and re-evaluating if they are truly needed and beneficial for me. I like most of you had taken for granted that government agencies who suppose to be monitoring the safety of food and products were doing their job. I question their decisions are based on public safety. I truly thought that I was being vigilant in limiting chemicals in my daily life but I guess that I need to re-think about how many products I use every day. I am tired of feeling like a human guinea pig.

Here are is a consumer guide link to give you some food for thought.

below gives information on,” 10 craziest things pesticides are doing to your body”.

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  1. Oh Honey, it seems insensitive to click ‘like’ for a post which includes such a distressing tale of your experience of being so damaged by the crop spraying. This is a truly horrific story and I am so sorry you went through such a terrible thing.
    I too am sensitive to so many drugs, but have fortunately, so far avoided any serious reactions. When I have had surgery I can only take very mild pain killers as I am sensitive to everything else.
    I am not surprised that you are now so concerned with what the things you use and consume contain. You once trusted and thought you were safe and you really were not.
    Take care,


    • Thank you Karen for your compassion and understanding. I am so sorry to hear that you are sensitve to pain killers. I can’t even imagine what having surgery with only mild painkiller would be like. I cringe just thinking about what that experience would be like.

      I just wanted to point out that some people are more sensitive or genetically prone to reactions or illness from exposure to chemicals. They are our canaries in the mine. We can see nature is showing adverse reactions to nature being saturated with chemicals as well. We are exposing ourselves to so many chemicals everyday without even realizing it. We have no idea what are in them or what impact they will have on us.

      I myself have not fully comprehended the impact on our world and every living thing living on it. It is naive to think that we are not reaching a tipping point that we all need to re-evaluate what kind of future we all will have. Knowledge is the first step and implimenting change. I believe many people are taking positve actions every day by buying ecologically sound food, products and recycling… I hope and pray that positive changes will prevail.I believe that technology advancement can be good but it has to work with nature not against it. I don’t mean to sound like I am preaching. I just wanted others to spread the information for others to read.

      • I totally agree with you. I think the trouble is that so many people are not sensitive to chemicals, so they just keep spraying them and filling their homes with every kind of air freshenesr, room sprays, and cleaners.
        If I use a bathroom in a store or hotel I notice that air freshener is puffing out every few minutes. It so affects my breathing, makes me sneeze and cough. I do not use chemicals in my garden or home.
        But I do have my hair highlighted. I do worry about that…..oh vanity.
        If you think what happened to you…indoors! What would that spray have done to the wildlife!!! It is truly terrible.
        Take care,

      • The issue is that people are getting sick. The connection that their disease or ailment is connected to environmental causes may not be given as a reason.

        I wonder as well if I was the only one in the area who had such and adverse reaction to the spraying. I would think not ,because in America today there are hot line to call if you have reactions after pesticide or insecticed spraying in your area. I read about it recently.
        We know that something is affecting because of wildlife declining numbers. I read an article recently where1/2 of bees that were let loose in an almond field died after pollinating the orchards flower. It was later found the trees had been sprayed before the bees arrived.
        I agree with you it is terrible.

  2. robert87004

    Since the heads of our monitoring agencies are political apointments, it’s not hard to guess what happens with a rabidly pro-business president and congress. I try not to buy any chemicals beyond basic cleaning products, but it is difficult, to say the least. Sometimes we need chemicls to neutralize other chemicals. It was very different, not so long ago. We were mostly chemical free.

    • I know what you mean about finding it difficult to cut back on chemical use in the home. I try my best when I choose cleaning products to find as many organic product that I can. I am still learning what to use and not to use.
      I have to say that I was surprised on how many government officials were holding posts that are conflicts of interest. They aren’t even hiding their affiliations. It raises the question who are they really working for the people or companies? That goes for all world governments not just the United States.
      Thank you for checking out my blog. I appreciate your comments.

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