Wild purple flowers

This is a post by request of Anne Wilson. I went back to the place where I took the picture yesterday of some purple wild flowers.
The flowers in the picture are called Viola tricolor, wild pansies, or Hearseas. They bloom from April-October.


Here are some other beautiful Swedish wild flower as well.

These are forget me nots. They are in my flower bed.


These are called Blue Anemone. This flowers also are white and pink. I had never seen the blue or pink ones until I moved to this area. I had only seen the white Anemone. There is a field of the Blue and pink Anemone here.


I was told by a friend that the Blue Anemone and the Forget me nots are endangered and are protected by Swedish law.

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  1. I love Heartsease! I love all those flowers. Oh Honey, it must be so perfect there!

    • I must admit I really love living here. I feel blessed that we live close to such natural beauty. I enjoy my walks with my dogs. My landlords dad host a nature walk for some club in the area every year. They walk across the propery just to see the wild flowers in bloom every year in May. That is my favorite walking trail that I walk with my dogs most of the year. The dogs love the trail as much as I do because it is run along the lake. It is really pretty.

  2. Many thanks for that Honey, one of our favourite past times is plant hunting, we lived in Wales many years ago and found many rare plants there, when we lived in Spain it became a botanists heaven, unfortunately Ireland is not blessed with such a wealth of wild plants, unless you go to the Burran in Co. Claire.

    • Our landlords grandfather was a botanist at heart. It is said that he collected seeds from the wild flower as he worked on the farm. He carried a seed sack. He seeded this area every year. I believe it because this particular part of the farm has such an abundant amount of flowers all over it. We who live here now reap the rewards of all his dedication. His grandson who now owns this ranch that I live on here. He has turned it to an ecological ranch. The mans son and grandson now carry on his legacy.

      They like us as renters because we take care of the flower beds are trying to bring them back to there former glory. I have been inspired by the story of his seed collecting and tried to learn how to collect seeds and replant flowers in different places in the flower beds.I have only experimented with a couple of varieties of flowers.It has taken three years for some of the seeds that I have planted to come up. I think the dirt was lacking nutrients. I have made a manure tea that I have been fertilizing the beds with and this year it has paid off.

      I just gave my landslords wife seed packs to plant around their new patio. She was tickled to get them. I want to now try saving seeds out of our veggie patch. I have no more seed packs right now.

      I am putting my energy into learning how to seed save vegetables. http://www.flowersinsweden.com/index.html
      the above site gives you wild flowers of sweden. The site is in English.

  3. I love to garden!! Nice article!! I like that the wild pansies bloom all spring summer and fall. I did know though they were refered to as Hearseas. I learned something new today. Thanks!!

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