Bird houses

This post is at the request of Gorgeous Green House. I had commented on their unusual bird house. They asked to see what kind of bird houses we have on this ranch. Here are just a few of the bird houses on this Ranch. The bird houses openings size, location and height determine the kind of bird that nests in it.
This is just another method of animal conservation on this ranch. The water fowl are beginning their nesting season in other sections of the property on the ground right now. I can’t walk there with my dogs during this time of year unless they are on leashes. That is by Swedish law that dogs have to be leashed to protect the wildlife when they young are most vulnerable. I had the dogs loose with me when I took these pictures.We could go no further. This gives you an idea of different wild life where I live.










You can see three more bird houses high up on the bluff over looking the lake.

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  1. What a lovely post. You must live amongst very caring people who have a great love of wildlife for them to have created so many homes for birds.
    It is a wonderful time of year for hearing and seeing so many birds, their song is beautiful.

    • This is a perfect place for bird watching. I love watching the ducklings waddling in large groups running to the water when they see me coming. They are so cute.

      We have a pair of birds that are nesting on our peir right now. This is the second year that they have done that. It is not fun to have to clean up after them when they have left their nest. Believe it or not my dogs have learned not to disturb them. I put them on their leashes through one area untill we walk past their nesting site.

      That is why we love living here because our land lord loves nature as much as we do.

      We feed birds all winter long. Woodpeckers come every year as well. We watch them while we drink coffee in the morning.

      • It really is like heaven there, or how I hope heaven would be. So long as the bears, wolves and foxes stay away!

      • LOL!!! I should tell every one that the local Newspaper this past week informed everyone in our area that a large bear was spotted in our area. It was said to be 1 1/2 meters tall walking on four legs. That is from it’s feet to it’s shoulders. There have also reported a pack of 6 wolves spotted in our area as well. We do have a lot of foxes and wild pigs in our area as well.

        I still think it is heaven here.

      • That bear is HUGE. I do hope that he stays away from danger as I want the bear to live too.
        Perhaps in heaven all the animals will live in harmony and they won’t need to eat each other!
        I know one thing, I think heaven is where I will be re-united with all my cats who have gone there.

      • I know what you mean that is why all the farmers around here are discussing the bear and wolves in our area. The second sighting of the bear was a man walking his dog in the woods. He came upon the bear and freaked out. He slowly walked backwards away from the bear. When he was out of sight of the bear he picked up his dog and ran all the way home. He called the police. The bear left him and the dog alone. I don’t mind seeing them off in the distance it is close encounters that worry me.

        Wolves are usually skittish of people unless they are sick or starving. Last year in Stockholm they had a wolf that attack a dog that a woman was walking in the woods. It rattled a lot of people.

      • You are so close to these wild and almost primitive animals and it must be so frightening to come close to one of them. That poor man and his dog! And of course the bear could kill him and the dog I guess….

      • That is part of the wonder of living in the country. I have seen foxes,beavers, badgers, deer, moose, one lone wolf, fresh wild pigs tracks, lynx, all kinds of birds and even more.All of these I have seen with in 200 meters of my front door. Some of them on my front step. I find it amazing and exciting and of course frightening. I would rather see them from a distance and admire their beauty. I have had some close encounters with wild life. You have to use common sense and learn what to do when you encounter them. I have a lot of respect for nature. Yes, Karen you are correct. The bear could have killed the man and his dog.

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