Microwave test an eye opener


We have been reading a lot about microwaves being bad for our health for the last 6 months. My friend who has the brain tumor and his wife have been sending us literature on this and much more. We have stopped using our microwave two months ago. You can decide for yourself what you think.


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  1. My phone stuck so I am not sure I got the whole article… The academic in me questions the valudity of an experiment with only two specimens, for example. But my instinct is that microwaves are not to be trusted.

    • The experiment was repeated by the rest of the kids in the class with the same results… Let me know what you think after you read the whole thing. I have been reading about this from many different sources. I thought this was good because it spoke to the layman. My instinct is to not trust microwaces or cell phone batteries either.

  2. Oh Honey, this is terrible! I use a microwave to take the edge of the cold temperature of my morning fruit compote for breakfast. And I use it to cook jacket potatoes.
    I am truly shocked by this! Look at the difference in those plants!-Karen.

    • My friends have been trying to convince us to get rid of our microwave since October. I had been really sceptical. I have read enough papers on the net. We thought we don’t use it that often.We reheat hot drinks and defrost meat in it. We also reheat left overs in it. Now we have reconsider using it, except to heat my wheat kernal bag.

      Thanks we are pleased with the progress of our plants. Can’t wait to start transplanting them outside.
      I hope you have a Happy Easter

  3. Very interesting, I have a lot of plants in pots waiting to be planted, I will keep back two, (Foxgoves) and try this experiment myself. Could this also be linked to the obesity epidemic I wonder?

    • Let me know what happens on your experiment. I have not read anything linking this to obesity but common sense makes it easy to see how that is very possible. If you are eating foods that are stripped of vitamins and nutrients. You are going to eat more to try and compensate, because you are starving your body. The fact that you are unaware of the fact of the foods low nutritional value. Plus the fact that you continue to cook your food in the microwave, you can understand obesity could be a result. Scary isn’t it.

  4. I’m skeptical. I would think we would have seen negative effects in humans by now. Maybe the student accidentally poured the boiling water on the plant without cooling it. I’m thinking of trying my own experiment. I know my son doesn’t like microwaves and he is very health conscious. He won’t eat pork because he believes that pigs feet carries the slop that they live in, through their system. I’ve had my microwave for about 20 years and I’m still going strong with no evident side effects and I use it to warm up foods, bake potatoes, boil water, practically daily use. The only thing I make sure that I do is stand at least 2 feet away from it.

    • I was very skeptical as well when I was first told that they were dangerous for your health about 9 months ago. I went on the web and read papers on them over the last 6 months. I have stopped using mine except to heat up my wheat bag for my aches and pains. The bag works better than an electric heating pad.

      I respect your skepticism. You can always research it further yourself and draw your own conclusions. The fact that you stand at least 2 feet away from it when you are using your microwave leads me to believe that you have concerns about it’s saftey already.

      • Yes, I do have some concerns but I only started to stand 2 feet away recently because of something I read about the “older” microwaves and mine is very old. I should actually have the microwave checked out since it is so old, but I could buy a new one with what I would have to pay someone to check it out! I can’t believe it lasted so long! If I do come across more information that convinces me about their danger, I will leave a comment. But you know, experts once said that lipstick caused cancer and that cranberry sauce caused cancer. Then, they seem to change their minds monthly about what is harmful to us: take coffee for example. They convinced people it was bad for you. Now they’re saying it’s good for you. Barbecued foods cause cancer now. How long have people been barbecuing foods? I think just living causes cancer. We’ve polluted everything so that it’s hard to escape getting cancer.You just don’t know what to believe anymore.

      • I realize that experts change their minds all the time. I also believe that it is hard to know who is sponsering the research. I question scientist objectivity when large companies sponser or do the research. I think it is a conflict of interest. I personally think that we are used as human guinea pigs. Unfortunately every person reacts differently to each product. It is like our genetic make up is affected to some products and not to others. I use to believe that Agencies like the USA’s FDA (Sweden and the EU have their own equivelant) protected us but now I am see that they don’t as I once believed.

        I agree with you that it is confusing and difficult to know what to believe anymore. I keep trying to read and inform myself and use common sense. That is all any of us can do to make up our own minds concerning our health.

        I a

      • Honey, Here is a reliable website: http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/cancer-help/about-cancer/cancer-questions/radiation-microwaves-and-cancer

        I still feel that microwaves are safe enough to use but you are welcome to disagree.

      • Hi Marcella,
        I have checked out your website. Thanks but I still respectfully disagree. I have read too much on this that has made me change my mind on using microwaves. Thank you for you input and sharing your opinion.

  5. MoonliteSonata

    Looking at the comparison photos of the plants, it’s clear as day that the microwaved watered plant was OVER WATERED. The plant died of root rot.

    • Hi MoonliteSonata,
      Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I appreciate and respect your opinion. If you read the article further there was scientic studies in other countries also verifying these findings. You can search the web for more information and make you own mind up for yourself. That is what I did to come to my conclusion about microwaves. I posted it as a FYI. I personally will not be using my microwave to cook food in it. Have a great day!

      • MoonliteSonata

        Thanks. I don’t use the microwave to cook in, either. Food just doesn’t taste as good!
        It’s handy for some things, but I’ve got time enough to make real meals, and enjoy doing it. I very seldom even dine out at restaurants, because most food is sub-par compared to what I can do in my own kitchen, unless it’s an expensive high end place, which I can’t afford most of the time.
        I’m most concerned with getting good non- GMO seeds for planting, and making sure we all can get them into the future. I think our species depends on saving heirloom foodstuffs and preservation methods that our grandmothers and great grandmothers knew, which most young people are no longer being taught.
        Happy Spring!

      • I agree with you about saving our heirloom seeds and preventing any one from patenting them.

        I am trying to learn to can food. I have had a difficult time finding a pressure canner in Sweden. I have yet to find any company that sells pressure canners here. I have done hot water baths canning, dehydrate foods and freeze food as well.
        I am still learning how to do these food preserving methods.

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  8. Thanks Honey for sharing this post. We have a microwave, but only because my wife wants one. What turned me off from them (even before seeing this post or knowing the negatives about them) was I warmed a cup of water to make instant coffee, and it had a terrible flavor.
    I thought maybe it was the coffee. So I heated water on the stove and did it again, and it was just fine.

    I rewarm my food in a NuWave induction cooktop oven or counter top oven, check them out here: www dot (.)nuwavecooktop (.) dot com.

    • You are welcome.I wonder why the microwave changed the taste of the water. Eww! Thank you for the tip on the NuWave induction cook top. I will check it out.

      I have not missed the microwave. It took a little while to remember to take meat out to thaw for dinner. I just use one of my copper pots to heat up left overs.

  9. Hey Honey last comment I wrote wrong website address. That one was for the cook top, I have the Oven top which is a 3 in one oven: Conduction, Convection, and Infrared Heat. Here is the web address www dot (.)mynuwaveoven (.) dot com .

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